America has a long and proud tradition of cults, secret combinations, and shadow governments. American Independence was itself partially led by a Freemasonic conspiracy and the notorious Second Klan was the Tammany Hall of Indiana and the Mid West generally.

The story of Paul Murdaugh could have been written for Hollywood and comments suggest this family has been a major part of the local Establishment since before the war.

Like Crosby, Stills, Nash and Jodi Foster, these are the lower level American Noble Aristocratic Crime Families. Like one might expect at the lower levels sausage making is particularly unappealing in America.

What makes America unique is her youth, Europeans had been farming North America for merely 150 years, three generations, when the Industrial Revolution kicked off and technology has accelerated ever since to the point this very post may as well be written by GPT-3 artificial intelligence.

The local, county, state, republican, “small business” power centers are all shells of their former selves, increasingly irrelevant in the era of Amazon infrastructure, Google supercomputers and NRO satellites. First went the private civic organization, leading to the “Bowling Alone” culture, then inexorably the very formal institutions of self-government collapse under the weight of Technocratic Empire. The Borg, you will be assimilated, etc.

If the Right values the particular over the generic and conservatives want to conserve existing value, the Right would oppose the breakdown of localism. But American localism was barely established when the telegraph was invented and Technocracy was birthed.

In the context of the 2020s and the new censorship by “Big Tech” against anyone remotely dissenting from the new regime, we have asserted the regime does not fear a traditional “secret society.” The ludicrous media fictions about secretly racist white men drawing swastikas and hanging nooses to be discovered by Jewish and Black Leftist activists are the proverbial “propaganda to humiliate” as is the “trans” propaganda.

What the Empire does fear is any mass media communication not under their control.

Hence the all out war against Trump’s Truth Social, Tik Tok, Gab, and One America News. When the “Big” corporations, the actual core establishment of America, the institutions that manage the labor, refuse infrastructure to dissidents, seizing domain names, confiscating bank accounts, everything short of violence and prison, you can observe what they see as a threat.

“Sanctions” and isolation are the main tools of the Empire, their core “soft power” stick to use with the carrot.

However the Establishment, as the proverbial Generals, are always fighting the last war. It cannot be overstated how significant the collapse of the 20th century “Mainstream Media” is and how potentially destabilizing this is to the regime.

They are a victim of their own success in many ways because the “consensus” the 20th century mass electronic media was able to manufacture is itself made impossible by the very “multiculturalism” they enabled.

CIA anthropologist with guns Gregory Bateson told them to embrace the “traditional dress” and other superficial cultural fetish objects and allow the subjugated ethnicities to “perform their culture” for the Establishment, thus giving cultural resistance a harmless outlet. However they cannot do this for the majority population, in America “white Americans” aka real Americans, so even harmless expressions of self conscious “European indigenous” culture has to be repressed.

The perfect example? Lana Lokteff, a pretty Gen X Natural Mamma type has her Etsy shop shut down, which is a violation of her human rights.

If white women don’t have the right to an Etsy shop, no one has any rights at all.

If all politics is war by non-violent means than people who claim to have the interests of some group or another at heart would act like it.

Contra some who claim to be hard headed realists with their eyes on the prize, the domestic cultural conflict over public schools is not a “distraction” or a “side issue” it is the essential issue, as important as immigration.

The first thing Aryan Scientology would do is engage in both offense and defense. Offense would be to “take over” the public schools, “take over” in the sense of “engage in democracy by thinking globally and acting locally.”

The defense would be to create Aryan Scientology school, as either an adjunct to, or replacement for, public school.

The two big controversies in 2020s public school politics are Critical Race Theory and Queer Trans Theory.

One would hope the racial and ethnic implications of these forms of indoctrination don’t even need to be spelled out. If the original online Dissident Right of the 2010s was about anything it was “sex and race realism” and Critical Race Theory and Queer Trans Theory are a direct attack on the sex and race – the reproduction of a particular people, a particular ethnic group.

It’s not the first time this group came under attack, let’s look what defensive and offensive measures they took and figure out what worked and what didn’t.

What do Tulsi’s cult, Scientology, and “Evangelicalism” have in common, especially during the period of 1966 (the magic year) and 9/11?

They had their own film studios. They made their own TV shows.

Like the elites of Silicon Valley do not allow their own children use their Social Media and Cell Phones, Tulsi’s cult, Scientology, and “Evangelicals” created their own “Hollywood.”

According to CNN, Biden won the most votes ever and anyone who says otherwise is a dangerous extremist spreading conspiracy theories.

On OANN, Trump won more legal votes than last time and Democrats cheated.

Two TV channels that look almost the same presentation wise, which is right which is wrong?

If you were to sit your child in front of one or the other, what they consider obvious, normal, and even real will depend on which one.

In Debt: The First 5000 Years, David Graeber observes a defining characteristic of slavery is one’s family relationships are not respected.

In occupied Germany Protestant Christians are not allowed to educate their own children.

An astonishing characteristic of the ephemeral “movement” that purports to advocate for real Americans, and also purports to be “of the Right,” is how ignorant and even simply unassociated they are with real Americans.

From 1966 to 9/11, white homeschooling was a major cultural issue and there had been fifteen years of Feds barging into white churches and homes, arresting pastors and fathers and kidnapping children from their mothers, all for the crime of not forcing their children into the cages of public schools. One infamous case from the early 1980s had police padlocking the doors of a Christian church for holding an “illegal church school” – for elementary children, being taught by their own mothers and grandmothers.

Covid lockdowns of churches had their precedents.

It wasn’t until Waco a church actually shot back and all hell broke loose.

The first thing any white family does when they have the money is send their children to a private school. When “working class” whites do that, it’s a federal case.

Wealthy white parents don’t let their children watch TV – or pornography.

When working class white parents do that it’s “right wing extremism” and not watching Official State and Corporate Media is “cutting children off from the outside world” like a cult, in fact.

Your humble correspondent recalls Democratic bureaucrats demanding they be allowed to “inspect” Christian homeschooling families to make sure they weren’t ‘a cult’ and being ‘taught hate.’

Twenty years of real resistance and no one has any clue, mostly because they are not even real Americans, or really right wingers. The “movement” is fake, online astroturf. It’s more like a Fandom – people discover the fandom online, then “make internet friends” based on consumer tastes then may meet “IRL.”

That’s one way to do it … it’s like internet dating. It’s very individualistic though. Why not start with family and neighbors, organic, local bonds, the very bonds that make one not a slave?

Like Tulsi’s cult, Aryan Scientology needs to have private schools.

Just like the Pennsylvania Turkish Sufi Muslim cult leader Fethullah Gülen.

You’ve heard of him right?

How would one educate children in Aryan Scientology school?