Her Wiki page makes her seem great, she was even the 1990 South Dakota Snow Queen which means she was popular and people liked her, which suggests she isn’t some malcontent who hates America because Uncle Schlomo wasn’t invited to the Episcopalian golf club way back in nineteen dickety five.

The most important thing is she is good looking. Watching 60 seconds of video made her seem good enough on TV.

Married, three kids, goes to a Foursquare Church which is kind of holly rollerish but as long as she isn’t going to Jerusalem and pledging her support for the Antichrist by donning a jew beanie and kissing the Whining Wall, I’m fine with it.

She is supported by South Dakota Energy and seems popular among South Dakotans.

Kristie/Tulsi hybrid Fem Dom ticket? It will frustrate the liberal women that the Christian Patriarchy isn’t run by handsome white bearded men with a dominant streak, but good looking middle age women older white men who actually vote want to see on TV.

The Patriarchy always wins!