This is supposed to be a hit piece, the entire first section is “Trump is Hitler” but look past the partisanship on both sides and consider what this reveals.

Trump wanted to end the wars in Syria and Afghanistan and they all accused him of “giving them to Putin.”

It makes no difference if Trump has a big ego, people wanted an end to the wars, and Trump wanted to deliver.

And the entire top levels of the US military not only did everything they could to stop them, they held Trump in contempt because ending these wars would threaten their cushy jobs in Europe and their payouts post-retirement with hedge funds and defense contractors. Like General Betrayus and the fatuous gasbag Tommy Franks.

The so-called “independence” of the military just means they ignore the duly elected President and work for their Global Empire. The Constitution is their permission slip.

Not a single general said a word about the 9/11 attacks, they were too busy counting their future earnings.

Milley doesn’t want to go down in history as the general on duty when the Empire became a Republic again. Where is the money and fame in that?

Milley and all the rest of them would, and did, go along with “inside job” attacks on the American nation. They have been doing it since the Operation Northwoods documents written in 1962.

The US Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines plan and execute terrorist attacks on the people of America, on the territory of the fifty sovereign states.

It is not a matter of aiding and abetting the enemy, they are the enemy.

They are the occupation government.

Every last one of them immediately declared their loyalty to the terrorist coup government after 9/11.

There were rookie FBI agents who resigned and went on TV blowing the whistle on the foreknowledge and the people who purposefully allowed the attacks to happen.

Not a single officer in any of the four branches had the honor and courage to say a word. They still don’t. Why would they? They aren’t working for America, they are a foreign occupation force and their cowardly domestic collaborators.

Call the assembly of the States, a Constitutional Convention while there is still time. We’re very close to a plurality in the state governments. I’ll even support Trump if he runs it.