Ffion jumped as the door opened. An aunt, a new aunt she’d not seen before strode in brandishing the cattle prod and thrust it at Ffion’s crotch. Ffion howled and jumped and folded into a ball. Aunts Lydia and Alice stepped in behind the new aunt. They grabbed Ffion’s arms and dragged her out of the room, across a landing and into a larger room. Lydia and Alice stood besides Ffion, holding her up. The new aunt turned to face Ffion.

“Hi, I’m Aunt Deborah. If you know your scriptures you’ll know that Deborah was a judge, and I’m going to judge you. You should also know that I’m an old friend of Jenny’s and she suggests I have some fun with you. Do you understand?”

“Yes Aunt Deborah,” replied Ffion meekly.

“And C said that Alice and Lydia should have an opportunity to learn a little S & M, but I don’t think they’ll be trying the M part. So where do you think you’ll fit in?”

Ffion bit her lip and looked at the floor.


“The M, Aunt Deborah.”

“That’s right, you’re here for the M. And you’re OK with that?”

Ffion nodded fearfully, “If Miss C says so, then I must.”

“Yes, you must, but first of all, you must tell us what you were doing when we walked in.”

“I err umm, I was…” Ffion’s voice tailed off in her shame.