James Fetzer was the first serious attempt to derail the 9/11 Truth movement, and he did so by leading it. A few serious people, like Richard Gage, Dr. Steven Jones of Brigham Young University, and Dr. Neils Harritt of the University of Copenhagen join his group Scholars for 9/11 Truth, and as soon as they put their name in Fetzer invited Judith Wood who wrote a ridiculous piece of Alex Jones tier disinformation about ‘Space Beams’ blowing up the WTC.

The serious people, Gage, Jones, and Harritt immediately quit and formed their own group. But for ten years, every online forum that ever tried to discuss 9/11 was spammed with crap from Judith Wood – they still do it to this day on Unz.com. Just like the Daily Stormer Troll Army and the Flat Earth spammers.

So I always assumed Fetzer was a Fed, and I’ve read that he has been promoting JFK disinformation since the 1970s.

But they sued him over Sandy Hook, and he lost. So I don’t know, do Feds lose court cases and have to pay out of their own pocket?

Celebrity White Nationalist Hal Turner pulled out his paystubs from the FBI at his trial, it seems the Obama administration might not have known he was on the payroll.

Will Fetzer show his checks to the appeals judge? Will some Israeli pay his fines? Is he just no longer useful, or maybe now only useful to make an example of?

I thought Alex Jones, who brags about his ‘CIA family’ was working for Stratfor. He was right about Justin Bieber.