Hunter Wallace appears to be waking up from the disinformation haze. Maybe he can save LoS yet.

Not only was George Lincoln Rockwell’s script written by a Jew, Dan Burros, the ‘headquarters’ was built in … you CANNOT make this up – Arlington, Virginia. The entire thing was a movie set, they held performances for the media, and just like the Jew Nazi Frank Colin, their so-called ‘activism’ was meant to discredit the supposed cause, like beating up thirteen year old boys.

Of course the real target was ALWAYS the people putting up real, effective resistance, the Council of Conservative Citizens, who were all of a sudden portrayed as ‘Nazis’ with the help of Rockwell and Burros and the Jew media.

They did the same thing in 2000 and also in 2016 at Charlottesville.

Little old me was blogging during that time period but of course was ‘cancelled’ for ‘infighting’ and ‘conspiracy theories’ and look how that turned out for them.

At least one author said Rockwell had a Jewish girlfriend, just like ‘Heilgate’ performer Mike Enoch, married to his Jewish wife during the height of his ‘Nazi career,’ although that might have been Harold Covington writing that, a notorious liar, smear merchant, and FBI informant (like Rockwell, who was praised by his FBI handlers for his ‘cooperative’ attitude.)

Harold Covington, right hand man of the Jewish Nazi Frank Colin, real name Frances COHEN, who became one of Counter Current’s first reviewed author and featured commenter.

Having anything at all to do with any of these people is stupid. Mike Enoch, and everyone else, was fully aware that NSM was a Fed front but loved to do events with them anyway.

Ask yourself why. Look in your heart you know it to be true.