So in 2004 the former governor of Vermont, Howard Dean, ran for the Democratic party Presidential nomination. He was kind of like the Bernie Sanders of his day, the ‘youth candidate’ but unlike Bernie, a literal Communist Zionist Jew and a metaphorical fossil, Howard Dean was a pretty mainstream and centrist Democrat.

The Democrats had to play it very tight in those days because, they claimed (more on this later), that being anti-war was a loser in the general election. But Howard Dean was against the Iraqi war and that made him very popular among a lot of people.

The DNC powers that be did their usual tricks, and then the ENTIRE mass media, from the most staid news readers to the late night comics, spent the month before the California primaries playing ‘the Dean Scream,’ a piece of audio doctored to make Dean sound crazy. It was a full court press from the entire media establishment … hence, the Deep State … to kill his campaign before the all important CA primary, and it worked.

Howard Dean was hardly an ‘outsider’ but he was just the governor of a small liberal state and was clearly not part of the Big Leagues. Other than the opposition to the Iraq war, Dean was a standard issue Clinton-style ‘socially liberal fiscally conservative centrist New Democrat.’

Remember this was 2004. The Iphone didn’t come out until 2007, the Chrome Web Browser not until 2008. Lots of people had PCs and the internet but the ‘Web’ was something mostly younger people were into. Lots of people had email, and chat, and they advertised websites on TV commercials, but it was barely mainstream at the time.

Howard Dean’s campaign all but invented the now common practice of raising large numbers of small donations, and they did it via email lists and websites. It worked because their audience, the ‘youth,’ were way more comfortable online than older people. Ron Paul and Bernie Sanders relied completely on this form of fundraising and now everyone does it. But Howard Dean’s campaign was the first.

Recall the infamous articles in the New York Times and Newsweek about how a shadowy behind the scenes network had ‘fortified the election’ against Trump. A similar article was released as a ‘post mortem’ of the Dean campaign explaining how the ‘LGBT Community’ had been the driving force behind the Dean campaign.

No one discussed it during the election, but Howard Dean had signed a ‘gay marriage’ bill in Vermont in the 90s, and the LGBT rewarded him by running his campaign, and on the ‘down low’ so that the public wouldn’t know.

The online email address lists, the mailing lists, the donation records were so valuable to the Democratic party that Howard Dean took over as the chairman of the Democratic National Committee, and his LGBT campaigners would later run the successful campaign of Barack Obama.

That is how LGBT took over the Democratic party, and when they were the new establishment under Obama they made LGBT a major technique of US imperialism.

Hence, the Rainbow flags on US embassies and the recent statements from NGO people that the best way to tell if a country is on ‘our side’ is if they have ‘gay marriage.’

This adds some context to this quote from commenter Amalekite:

Chris Caldwell writes of gay marriage in “the Age of entitlement”: “Well into the 21st century, there was not a single state in the union where voters viewed gay marriage favorably… It had been repudiated in referendum after referendum, 31 in all, despite the vastly superior economic resources and lobbying networks that pro-gay marriage forces drew on.

While it used a rhetoric of exclusion traditionally deployed by downtrodden ethnic minorities, gay marriage was also the single cause that united the richest and best connected people on the planet. The Human Rights campaign, which lobbied for gay rights legislation and backed gay rights litigation, was bankrolled by Amazon, American Airlines, Apple, Citibank, coca-cola, Dell, Goldman Sachs, Google, Hershey, Hyatt, IBM, Intel [list goes on] …

It had moved its staff of 150 into the old head quarters of B’NAI BRITH [my emphasis] in the heart of Washington, DC… In a neighborhood where any major lobbying firm might consider it a status symbol to rent a floor, the Human Rights campaign owned an entire nine-story, two-wing building. The investors George Soros and Michael Bloomberg, tech billionaires Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos, entertainers David Geffen and Brad Pitt, Republican financiers Paul Singer and Seth Klarman – all backed gay marriage with millions of donations. Support for gay marriage in Silicon Valley was almost unanimous. There was no equivalence on the other side. When it was discovered that Mozilla chief executive Brendan Eich, the designer of the web browser Firefox, had given $1,000 to support Prop 8 [a proposal to ban gay marriage] six years before, a storm of outrage forced his resignation.”

Sorry for the novella, but Caldwell’s writing on this subject in particular blew my mind, his Claremont ties not withstanding (the rest of the book is really good too). Caldwell never says it, but a cursory glance at the names he listed (B’bai Brith headquarters, fucking hell) makes it clear that gay marriage was largely a Jewish-led movement oppositional to the views of an almost entirely Christian country (shaky and shallow as that faith may have become).

What’s depressing is that post Obergefell, polls shifted in favor of gay marriage, which of course the intelligentsia reported as evidence that people had adopted the correct views and this had led to its legalization. Of course, this is the opposite of what happened. It was forced on people, beaten into their brains and made into law, and so people accepted it. Regardless on one’s personal views on this subject, it’s instructive.

Personally I would be hesitant to say that the Jews are ‘behind’ LGBT. As Steinlight said, Jews support gay marriage because it is in their interest to have a very diverse set of practices acceptable in society.

Jews are major promoters of mass immigration because a homogeneous society makes them stand out. They are also pro LGBT because they share the sentiments as non-Jewish elites.

Part of this elite interest is destroying any sense of a social ‘moral’ order that binds them. Maybe. Otherwise it is kind of a mystery. At the end of the day there just aren’t enough LGBT to particularly matter.

Of course a big, big part of modern American LGBT is due to the ‘Lavender Scare’ of the 50s after the Cambridge Five scandal terrified CIA and MI6.

See James Bamford’s ‘Body of Seceets’ in the chapter ‘Heart’ about how Bobby Ray Inman basically changed Nat Sec policy.

The story is always told as if it is a discriminated against minority gaining rights, but it was an elite project from the beginning.

More interesting is that Howard Dean, in response to a question, ‘mused’ about what sort of foreknowledge the Bush administration had of the 9/11 attacks, which Bush denounced as mere ‘politics.’

Of course the Bush administration and the CIA didn’t just have ‘foreknowledge’ the CIA was actively watching all of the hijackers – remember they were doing coke with strippers on SunCruz casino boats owned by no less than Jack Abramoff, but all these details are forgotten and the videos censored from Youtube.

You would never even know about such things if you didn’t read fringe bloggers for whatever reason you do.