Reddit or WN?

It’s the curse of intelligent White racialists to be lumbered by the masses of comparatively low IQ White Christian “normies” who, while implicitly pro-White, and possessing the generally correct views when it comes to faggotry, trannies, CRT & other forms of cultural filth, remain & will remain paralyzed when it comes to striking the (((root))) of everything that’s murdering our race because “Muh Jesus Wuz a jew!”

On a personal level, I vastly prefer them to the “white” race traitor scum, especially since most of my own family consist of them. But relying on dull-normal self-admitted sheep who live in perpetual fear of incurring the wrath of Big Sky Daddy will never get us to the jew-free self-determination we seek.

A flock needs the right kind of shepherds, and the (((bought))) Repuglicant party will not supply them.

My favorite one is the WN complaining that ‘Christian Nationalism’ is going to make premarital sex illegal and this going to be really unpopular with the Reddit crowd.

Which is not something any 4Channer has to worry about. But when ‘Christian Nationalists’ make porn illegal they will have something to worry about.