What do Christian Zionists and Nazis have in common? They both make Jews the moral center of their universe.

There are some differences, there are a lot fewer Christian Zionists who are Ashkenazi. People are often surprised at just how Jewish the Nazi movement is, but just read the history yourself.

Nazis and Jews have many things in common, they hate Christians, they hate Americans, and they do to Americans what they do to the Palestinians, they ‘deconstruct’ our ethnic identity.

Jews say anyone can be a American, so do Nazis. Anytime anyone says ‘American Nationalism’ Nazis jump in to say that is just ‘civic nationalism’ because anyone can be a American. ‘American’ is just a ‘social construct.’

Jews and Nazi speak with one voice to attack Americans. Fundamentally Nazism is just an extended phenotype of Jews.

Southern ‘nationalists’ never have any of these problems, because they know they are Americans, real Americans, the real Americans, frankly more American than Yankees and that gets more true every day as there are lots of people in the North that are not even American in name only.

Christian Zionism and Nazism appear right about the same time in history, both were later heavily promoted in post-war electronic mass media, and both are fringe movements that peaked in the 70s.

After Trump lost the election they held some Christian Zionist rally, with the horns and everything, and it was all a bunch of old Boomers. They are not growing, they are all but defunct. They have precisely one seminary, in Dallas, which has not written anything of any consequence in decades.

There is one guy on Youtube that does a whole bit about Christian Zionism and he has no engagement at all unless he is attacking Christians who aren’t Zionist.

Christian Zionism was a fad that is basically over at this point, but the Israelis will always promote it in the media.

Evangelicals voted for Trump in massive majorities, and it had nothing to do with Zionism and everything to do with American ‘populism’ both ‘racial’ as well as economic.

What about Black people? Well what about them? They are their own nation, they are ‘African Americans’ as in an African people living in America (and the Carribbean frankly.)

Jews and their Nazi pets do not get to define ‘American’ – we, the American people, get to define who we are.

And I will call it now: Alicia Silverstone is white. The fact Jews and Nazis would say otherwise just shows how fake and artificial their ideologies really are.

Plus, notice how great she looks at 45. That is not at all typical for Ashkenazis, but it is for Americans. Just look at Dawn Wells.