Nick Mason of the Myth of the 20th Century podcast gives an excellent and thorough survey of CIA ‘Mind Control Torture.’

First, torture is even found in the animal kingdom and is as integral to human life as violence more generally.

In military (and policing) applications torture is used as punishment, and to ‘get information.’ An ancient classical source is quoted that a strong man can withstand torture and a weak man will give a false confession. It is heartening to know the ancient Romans were having the same ‘debates’ about torture two thousand years before America.

Nick Mason points out a key factor here. While the military will pull out someone’s fingernails to ‘get information’ the CIA was NOT torturing people to ‘get information.’ Nor were they using torture as punishment.

So clear that false assumption from your mind. There is and was no ‘ticking time bomb’ that torture allows anyone to prevent. That was always merely propaganda.

Nick Mason points out that after trying many techniques over the years, various ways to inflict pain, every kind of drug imaginable, and things like electroshock, lobotomies, and even wiring electrodes into people’s brains to see if they could control them, physically, like a remote controlled robot, they found the two key techniques.

The purpose is ‘mind control’ so the closer you get to the mind, the better. Electromechanical control via electrodes was simply not there yet – watch this space as Elon Musk is funding this now.

But the two techniques that worked the best were:

  1. Sensory deprivation
  2. Self-inflicted pain.

Another obvious benefit of this is it requires no technology, you could do it in the basement of a pizza parlor, for instance.

Ok, so at Gitmo, CIA Black Sites, Abu Ghraib, they were torturing people in order to ‘control their minds.’

If they could stick a chip in the brain of a human and remote control them they would, and they will.

But using the techniques of sensory deprivation and self-inflicted pain, how can you ‘control the mind’ of the victim, to what degree, and what would you control them to do?

‘Manchurian Candidate’ and ‘Robot Assassin’ – OK. Surely Science Fiction has studied these ideas.

‘Brainwashing Moles’ like Weird Al says in ‘Party at the CIA?’

So, keeping all of these things in mind – Nick Mason said all of that better than I can – let’s add some other VERY relevant factors that as far as I know have never been discussed.

First, a list of ‘cults’ of recent times that we have demonstrated have close connections to the Intelligence Community of Five Eyes and their allies:

  1. The Unification Church (Moonies)
  2. Scientology
  3. Hare Krishnas
  4. CIA Finders
  5. Children of God

There are many smaller ‘New Age’ cults that are on the surface ‘independent’ but have the same connections to Intel and even stronger connections to the medical and psychiatric side of ‘Mind Control’ experimentation.

That would be the Australian ‘Family’ of Julian Assange, for one.

Another one to add to the list would be NXIVM, the ‘Sex Cult’ run by the Bronfman daughters from five years ago, which also, like Scientology and Children of God, included Hollywood Celebrities.

There is a temptation when learning of these subjects to get distracted by the cruelty of the torture and the depravities done to children. War is Hell, and Hell is for Children.

If one steels one’s mind one may be able to understand the whys, and hows, of this very unusual form of warfare and Imperialism.

It is totally relevant to today. If we can understand these Cults of Intelligence, we can understand all of the ‘CIA Conspiracies’ like MK-Ultra and Gitmo, and we may be really surprised if, as I half suspect, Tulsi Gabbard becomes President of the United States in the near future.

Because Tulsi Gabbard is a product of this system just as Julian Assange is. We can trace it to OSS easily, and back to the British Empire before that.

In some sense even back to Socrates, to Sparta certainly, but that is a bit too broad and might distract us from the Five Eyes Empire of the present era, and even the Zionist distortion of it.

So, Tulsi Gabbard’s ‘unusual upbringing.’ This is a fascinating story, what little we know of it, and it is a real ‘Matrix’ moment intimately connected to the rise of 20th Century Mass Media.

Remember how the Indian Guru claimed he got his mission from a ‘photograph’ of a guru, after that guru had died, and that this was ‘controversial?’

Remember the Australian Englishman who set up Julian Assange’s cult, and how he was part of a group engaging in various scientific and pseudoscientific and ‘paranormal’ research?

As the saying goes, ‘any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic’ and according to anthropologists, there is no difference, culturally, between ‘magic’ and ‘religion.’

Ever heard the idea that some aborigines believe that a photograph can ‘steal their soul?’

Remember how in the Calvin and Hobbes comic strip, Calvin would ask his Dad a question like, ‘why is the sky blue?’ and his Dad would make up something ridiculous, and Calvin would believe it, because obviously children will believe anything an adult, especially an authority figure, tells them?

What is Scientology known for, their physical gimmick? It is an ‘E-Meter.’

What is an E-Meter and why do people pay money to Scientology to use an ‘E-Meter?’