Daily Beast is a Jewish media outlet that helps Zionists blackmail Americans for Israeli intelligence like Matt Gaetz. In coordination with other Jewish propaganda outlets like NYT, DB will print the more scurrilous allegations.

When the Prime Minister of Israel was threatening Bill Clinton with the release of his phone calls with Monica Lewinsky, Clinton of course knew they had far worse on him than her – they had Epstein and Pedophile Island. Les Wexner provided all of the Epstein money, his “only client.”

Les Wexner is the boss of the “MEGA Group” the top level Jewish crime kingpins that work with Israel to pressure and blackmail American politicians.

All those women and girls following the Epstein case are keeping it alive and too many know about Les Wexner.

So this is how the Jew media will handle it – he’s bad and a crook but the Jew thing is incidental and Mossad what is that? No conspiracy theories please!

Daily Beast and Hulu. Play up the sex but ignore the espionage. And never say “Israel.”