Individuals do not choose a particular ideology among several and then conform their way of life to this mindset. Instead, their existence within the contradictory relations of class society puts them into a certain ideological state of mind whose purpose is the rationalization and reproduction of that society. Whereas ideology appears in liberal discourse as a pluralistic set of competing views to be selected by individuals, Marx only speaks of ideology in general, as the distorted consciousness necessarily produced by the contradictions of class society. In short, there is no such thing for Marx as “an ideology” or “ideologies” in the plural, only ideology.

The Lost Meaning of Ideology, Recovering Marx’s Concept, Benedict Cryptofash, June 16, 2022

So the managers of these NGOs and “Non-Profits” and other Democratic party front groups were all Virtue Signaling about Saint George Floyd – remember him? For six months the Democratic media were printing full color photographs of murals showing George Floyd with angel wings. He became a Secular Saint, like Martin Luther King, an innocent Body Of Color gunned down by the KKKops.

White police chiefs were kneeling in bizarre religious rituals, something in the same category as all of the Presidents and wanna-be Presidents taking a trip to Israel, putting on a little Jew Beanie, and kissing the Whining Wall as their pledge of subservience to the Jewish Messiah (i.e., the “Antichrist.”)

Every single major corporation – Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, all the insurance companies, all of the pharmaceutical companies. All of Academia, from the Ivy League to the “Anarchist” professors at community colleges teaching ESL classes to illegal “immigrants” (they are training the labor surplus for the people who sponsor their employers.)

How did the employees respond?

In exactly the way that Karl Marx himself would have predicted. They showed loyalty to their class. This class of people are textbook petit bourgeois, with one important exception.

Meltdowns Have Brought Progressive Advocacy Groups to a Standstill at a Critical Moment in World History, The Intercept, Ryan Grim, June 13, 2022

During the first week of June 2020, teams of workers and their managers came together across the country to share how they were responding to the murder of George Floyd by police in Minneapolis and to chart out what — if anything — their own company or nonprofit could do to contribute toward the reckoning with racial injustice that was rapidly taking shape.

The employees of these Democrat party front groups turned out to be far more sophisticated than the idiot right-wingers gave them credit for:

For Boonstra and others of her generation, the focus should have been on the work of the nonprofit: What could Guttmacher, with an annual budget of nearly $30 million, do now to make the world a better place? For her staff, that question had to be answered at home first: What could they do to make Guttmacher a better place? Too often, they believed, managers exploited the moral commitment staff felt toward their mission, allowing workplace abuses to go unchecked.

“I’m here to talk about George Floyd and the other African American men who have been beaten up by society,” she told her staff, not “workplace problems.” Boonstra told them she was “disappointed,” that they were being “self-centered.” The staff was appalled enough by the exchange to relay it to Prism.

All of these Left Wingers are just doing exactly what the culture teachers you “do GOOD by doing WELL.”

So if there is economic inequality between White women and Black women, one very obvious way to fix that inequality is by giving the Black woman a raise.

But of course they don’t want to do that, because the White Democrat who runs the non-profit – the point of the non-profit is to give HER political power, so she can lobby Congress, and get money, and give HERSELF a raise, and give her friends more government and Foundation money.

Shanique disagrees, she thinks the Left should be about getting more money for younger, blacker women, like HER for instance.

Well what do you know, all the “ideology” is just bullshit and it is just a typical Democratic party Graft Machine no different than Tammany Hall. All the “ideology” is just there to MYSTIFY their actual CLASS relationship to the Democratic party, thus, the State.

In the Industrial era that birthed Communism, the petit bourgeois were the “middle class businessmen” – the “Protestant middle class” – who had a privileged position due to their own efforts, as opposed to the aristocracy who had inherited privileges – “privileges” mostly in the form of “property” meaning farmers had to give ten percent, or whatever, of their produce to the Lord, because through some sort of Catholic voo-doo, the Lord owned everyone’s farm.

Of course the modern American Left does not produce anything, nor do they engage in any productive work. They are ideological enforcers for the regime.

What is called “political correctness” or “Woke” is merely a set of legal talking points that Leftists can use against each other in their competition for jobs in Academia – and the Anarchist bookstores.

Because when George Floyd and the Antifa BLM Summer of Hate riots of 2020 happened, when the managers virtue signaled about White Supremacy, all of the Leftist employees – to include all the whites too, white people play this game better than anyone – said the best thing that “we” could do to “heal” was:

  1. Give me more days off.
  2. Give me a raise.

All the right-wingers who think these lefties are stupid are themselves the stupid ones. Because all the employees said, “not giving me time off to mourn for George Floyd and not giving me a raise as reparations for systemic racism makes you a White Supremacist Nazi and I’m going to make a big stink online if you don’t give me what I want.”

That is “Leftism.” Does some light skinned Afro-Latina Lesbian give two shits about any bullshit that comes out of the NGO she got hired for? Of course not – why would she? She wants money and the prestige that comes from whatever the brand she is working for has.

She doesn’t sound stupid to me – she sounds quite smart. Certainly, that is what I would do. It’s called “I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine” and if they pay me, sure, I’ll write an essay or post about whatever racist Orange Man Bad, whatever.

Just show me the money! Instead of capitalism, call it “reparations.”

Really, right-wingers, you haven’t figured this out yet? No wonder you always lose.