It’s called the “Zionist Occupied Government” for a reason. Zionists – Jewish, with important “Christian” Jannisaries, Zionists.

“Israel Shipping Magnate Idan Ofer and Google’s Eric Schmidt Among Billionaires Backing Hedge Fund, Haaretz, June 7, 2016.”

Scott Borgerson has resigned from his role as CEO of CargoMetrics, the shipping data analytics company he founded in 2010, gCaptain has learned.

Tradewinds News broke the story today that Borgerson stepped down due to intense media interest surrounding his rumored links with Jeffrey Epstein associate Ghislaine Maxwell.

Privately-held CargoMetrics has confirmed that Borgerson did in fact resign as CEO and from company’s board in late July to “ensure his presence would not become a distraction from the work he believes in so deeply,” the company said in a statement to gCaptain.

The reason the mass media won’t touch it – for my entire life time, the Israel Lobby is a taboo topic causing hysteria any time it is brought up.

Why is the Israel Lobby not allowed to be discussed? The influence of other Middle Eastern countries, like Saudi Arabia and and Turkey, are discussed all the time.

Why is Israel different?

It is because the ruling class is Jewish, and they are all Zionists. Jewish Zionists – which means basically every single Jew with any significant wealth in any significant position of power in America is a Zionist with direct personal, financial, and family ties to the occupation regime in Palestine.

But this fact is unflattering to the reputation of Jews in America because it calls into question their loyalty. And the problem is it really isn’t a question, they have zero loyalty, nor even any identification with, America – the people of America, the history of America, the culture of America.

The are Jews – Zionists – Israelis – first and foremost. From all the white Jewish men that own the Democratic party, like their number one donor Michael Bloomberg, to the top levels of business like Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, Sergey Brin and Eric Schmidt and Larry Page of Google, they are Israelis, Jews, Zionists, and not Americans.

One only needs to read their own words – Bill Clinton’s long time personal fundraiser, Haim Saban, said he was a “one issue guy, Israel, Israel Israel.” He also mocked Bill Clinton for compromising himself – just as Clinton had compromised himself with Jeffrey Epstein and Ehud Barak – at his home but remained his major fundraiser and backer.

Donald Trump did not pay for his own campaign – Zionist Jew criminal Sheldon Adelson did, he was Donald Trump’s major financial backer. And Sheldon Adelson was open about his hatred for America and love for Israel – he said he regretted he served in the US Army and was glad his son was serving in the Israeli military instead.

If you ever mention this foreign ruling class, the “Anti-Fascists” will call you an “anti-semite” and groups like the ADL – agents of the foreign government of Israel – will politically attack you.

Remember, the ADL gave an award to Barry Kricher for protecting the Jeffrey Epstein Israeli Child Sexual Trafficking Blackmail ring and are known to collect blackmail material on American citizens.

Obviously, your so-called “average Jewish person” – the accountant, or whatever, is not directly involved in this stuff. Some are – plenty are – but probably not most.

But if anyone ever mentions it, those “regular Jews” who are supposedly Americans will start screaming “ANTI-SEMITE” along with the Israeli spies.

It’s a dilemma. But there is no “question.”