Elon Musk’s Paypal Mafia buddy Peter Thiel has Aimee Terese on the payroll via the Claremont Cabal, and presumably his assistant’s assistant’s assistant called up Musk’s assistant’s assistant’s assistant and said the Troons at Twitter have banned AT again and the assistant pings some grunt at Twitter with the ID to reinstate the account, or whatever.

Lana Lokteff can’t sell t-shirts online but Amy Terese has been banned – and had her original Twitter account restored – a half a dozen times now.

It pays to be paid.

It is neat to see it in action: for instance, the House Hillbillies at the Claremont Cabal, “Good Ole Boyz” – they are so redneck they use the theme from Dukes of Hazzard – are slobbering all over some chick from Brooklyn’s Newsweek office. So that means Newsweek is now assigning their “journalists” to go interview the “populist right” by going on podcasts sponsored by the Populist Right at Claremont Institute, Stanford, and Peter Thiel’s mentor, the neo-conservative Zionist Jew William Kristol’s think tank, and other representatives of Populist Right Wing America.

So East Coast Zionist Jews in Brooklyn represent the Democratic party and the Left, and the West Coast Zionist Jews in San Jose represent the Republican party and the Right.

A perfectly balanced system, a very professional way to run the country.

Now see, you white Christian or pagan or whatever people racialized as “white but not Jewish” – if you had a Culture of Learning like the Jews and worked as hard as them you could run your government too. It says “systemic white supremacy” not “systemic Jewish supremacy” and Jews are People of Color, the most colorful people really.

Glad to see people catching up: