Six months ago he was sued for allegedly interfering in a “stalking case” against his friend.

This guy sure looks Mormon, doesn’t he?

The Leavitt family seem to be genuine Aristocrats, not just of early Mormonism, but descendants of a prominent Massachusetts Bay Colony family.

But there is no need to go all Miles Mathis – or even Dave McGowan – on these sorts of things. Instead, the longer and more prominent a patriarchal family, a clan, exists, the most it will resemble an organized crime family.

Consider the Los Zeta Mexican Drug Cartel. It was founded by former Mexican Federales, the highest level, most elite Mexican paramilitary police force – the very people who were at the forefront of fighting the cartels.

Presumably, after observing first hand how the Mexican political establishment was controlled by the Drug Cartels, they decided to “switch sides” – either “sell out” or “buy in” depending on how you look at it, and now tax other cartels.

The Mormons started off as organized crime and developed into a first rate Civilization. But the organized crime still exists at the heart of their institution just as most Catholic Popes and Cardinals have always been homosexuals, and Classical Greco-Roman Pederasty remains the central organizing principle of the Vatican.

The Sovereign makes the exception to the rules. If the Mormon Mafia doesn’t execute their own troublemakers, they aren’t really much of a Mafia now are they? Plus, few things you are doing are really any worse than what your neighbors are doing. And when people’s fortunes, and lives, are on the line, the ends will quite often justify the means.

But I wouldn’t suspect cannibalism.

Last year we published a few articles on “The Cults of Intelligence” – and linked those to very specific forms of “interrogation” which have been at the heart of the biggest CIA scandal of the last 20 years, directly connected to the September 11, 2001 attacks.

One does not need, in any way, to “believe in Satan” – nor would one have to believe the adults telling children that they were “born into a high ranking family in Satan’s church” actually “believed” in Satan themselves – to accept the testimony as truthful.

One might assume if the average reader of this blog were told by someone “I was born into a high-ranking family in Satan’s church” they would assume the person is mentally ill.

But if a child were told, by their parents, that they were born into a high ranking family in “Satan’s church” – of course the child would believe it to whatever extent the child could understand such a thing.

Which of course does not make any of it true. As “Satanism” is merely a form of anti-Christianity, it really only makes sense in the context of a Christianized culture.

Why why someone in a Christian culture try to convince children that they were, in fact, “Satanists?”

How do Gypsies in Europe justify their lifestyle based on theft and scamming? They tell a story that the reason Jesus was crucified with only three nails is because a Gypsy was at the foot of the cross and stole the fourth nail. Therefore, Gypsies are given an “Indulgence” by God to steal, as a reward for trying to save Christ.

Obviously it is a rather silly story, but there is no reason a child wouldn’t accept it at face value, and even if they grew to understand the story as mythology, one might think the culture of theft would already be ingrained.

Sicilian Organized Crime families consider themselves Catholics, have rituals having to do with Saints. The Mexican Drug cartels have a potent mix of Catholicism and death-obsessed traditional pre-Columbus paganism, complete with sacrifice and torture.

Hermeticism’s popularity among various European aristocracies in the pre-modern era – really up to early cinema, as Andrea Nolen details – has played a similar role, and although the basic outlines can be understood, it’s all so mystified … occulted let’s say … it’s hard to tease out the reality.

One might suspect that as neurology gets more precise, sociopaths will be easier to identify, and in some sort of real life version of Dexter, put to work doing something useful, like CIA torture…

… oh, wait, that is real life.


h/t The American Vagabond via James Evan Pilato of Media Monarchy