The “American” media is silent. If this had happened in Russia, the “American” media would have a field day with the conspiracy theories about Putin offing his enemies.

Mark Middleton dead at 59 – Bill Clinton’s special advisor ‘who let Epstein into White House 7 TIMES’ dies

Ashley Haynes was a “model” and was just about the right age for the Jewish organized crime cabal centered around Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak, “Mishpucka” Godfather Les Wexner and his criminal associates the Bronfman Brothers – and their daughters who ran the “NXVIUM Sex Cult” – and of course Jeffrey Epstein and daughter of legendary Israeli Mossad agent Robert Maxwell, Ghislaine Maxwell.

“Radar Online” – whatever that is – seems to be the only ones discussing it. The Middleton family is currently in the Arkansas media for suing to keep the death photos – which are described as quite grisly – and complaining about “conspiracy theories.”

That is what you do when you are under pressure – if you have to comment, you say, preferably through a lawyer, that you agree with everything the government and the police and the media says and you “aren’t getting involved in any conspiracy theories.”

When you are a witness to a great crime, the last thing you want is to, well, be a witness because then the criminals have an incentive to murder you. If your brother was “suicided” by some shadowy political and criminal figures, the last thing you want is to let on you harbor any doubts about the Official Story, whatever it may be. “I didn’t see nothing.”

Snitches Get Stitches

What possible benefit do you gain from trying to get justice? Consider Bob McIlvaine. His only son was murdered in the demolition of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, and he spent years trying to get justice. His reward? One interview with Geraldo and years of being smeared by Ann Coulter and Tucker Carlson.

Taboos seem to fall in one generation. I am old enough to remember a Washington Post article trashing Oliver Stone for his “conspiracy theory” movie JFK. Now I can’t think of a single person that doesn’t simply assume that the JFK assassination was more than one Lone Communist Gunman.

Same with 9/11. Even ten years ago it was a “conspiracy theory” and they even market-tested the phrase “9/11 Denier” – get it? Like “Holocaust Denier” – but it flopped. Everyone settled on “Truther” – the JIDF spammers always slurred it up as “Troofer” the way they do “Joo” – but everyone knows what the opposite of a “truther” is – a “liar.”

I would figure a lot of these “Neo-Reactionary” and “Traditional” types would be all over this, because it is a great illustration of the reality of oligarchy – the Iron Law – even in our “modern, high tech society.”

It’s not the sex, it’s the slavery.

Sure, in some abstract sense, we’re all “slaves” to someone or something. And also masters.

But fundamentally, human slavery is when other humans are treated as humans treat non-human animals – fences, gates, locks, control of food, control of medicine, etc. For American men the only real risk you have of slavery is via the criminal justice system, and unless you pull off something like the guy in the Shot Caller (not my typical cup of tea but I thought it was really quite good) and go to prison for accidentally killing your yuppie friend while driving drunk and have to join the Aryan Nations and commit murders, your chances of being enslaved are really minimal.

Rape – as Whoopi Goldberg would say, “rape rape” – is a temporary form of slavery. That is why women are always more susceptible to it. In fact, just as men have been bred to work and kill, women have been bred, over ten thousand plus years of agricultural society, to be amenable slaves if they and their children are treated well.

This class thing is a blind spot among Americans – real Americans – because of how deeply ingrained the democratic instinct is (it really is genetic; liberalism is a white privilege). Even Alicia Rosenbaum had to cater to American sensibilities when she makes Hank Rourke know how to fix his own machinery, or whatever it was. American idolize Henry Ford, because he was fundamentally an engineer that made things, personally, with his own hands. Then transitioned into “management” and even eventually “civic leadership.”

That is the American ideal.

Fundamentally – I have been led to believe – in the UK the class thing is quite the opposite. Like in Gone With the Wind, it’s low status to actually do any useful work. Athletics and horse racing are ok because they are conspicuous leisure. Work means you are a slave.

What an aristocrat is is someone whose only job is to “manage people.” If the TV show The Tudors is historically accurate, they don’t even wipe their own asses.

You justify your predation by casting your prey as morally evil. Gamblers, whoremongers, whores, druggies, drunks. Once the mark gives in to temptation, you have leverage.

The Italian Mafia didn’t last past the 1980s when the harsh drug laws broke their omerta. The Jewish Mishpucka won’t go down the same way – Supermob and Ron Unz explained how they went “legit” in California – it will be something different.

“Hollywood” is all but dead, as is centralized mass media in general. The media constantly complains about their losing influence among Americans, what they consider a “threat to democracy” meaning “a threat to our ratings.”

Also – the sexual taboos of the previous generation are no longer operative. No one is suprised that Bill Clinton was having sex with underage “jailbait” girls – what people were surprised is how easily he was being blackmailed by the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad.

Seem obvious to me – James Jesus Angleton is sometimes praised as a “Master Spy” although he “did counter-intelligence the wrong way.”

Others, perhaps more perceptively, said that James Jesus Angleton was “an incompetent alcoholic.” He built the agency and nurtured its “special relationship with Israeli intelligence.”

Hindsight is 20/20, sounds like an easily controlled asset to me. Putting him in charge of finding moles – he was the mole – it’s exactly what you would expect.

The Deep State is for real. But it is not so centralized, it is certainly fractious. The sovereign makes the exception, and assassination is ultimate exception to the rules. Supposedly Stalin said, “no man, no problem.”

So Mark Middleton introduces Jeffrey Epstein to the Bill Clinton White House. He supposedly spends the last 30 years running a low-profile HVAC business in Arkansas. Then his girlfriend commits suicide, or drowns in the river, depending on who you believe. Right after a witness described a “financial meeting” the two had.

Then Mark Middleton … hangs himself with a hose, then shoots himself in the chest with a shotgun? Then the police say – I listened to what a media channel claimed was a phone call with the police official in charge – they thought it was a suicide.

PS – Anyone know anything about It is exactly the sort of thing I was looking for for the Game. Even granted the Small World Graph Hypothesis, when connections are more than “were at the same coffeeshop at the same time nine years ago,” it is typically meaningful information.

At this point, between Planatir and Google AI, there aren’t really any more “secrets” per se.