I know who added the last one.

I’m constantly surprised and how many non-Americans read this site. I almost exclusively discuss American issues, and never mention the country I fled to. I may know a little bit more about Europe than your average American, but not much. So it’s a surprise.

So sorry I got distracted for a few weeks but if you add a link, it will appear in the link list probably within the day. It’s limited to the free WordPress form submissions, which suck pretty bad, but it should be easy enough to fill in the form, or copy and paste, to add a link.

It will all be hosted on a non-Wordpress site since you never know when one might need to respawn. You can add a credit or a link to yourself in the description or maybe I’ll add a credit field.

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Russell Brand
An anti-establishment anti-Big Pharma anti-US government lying anti-war anti-lockdown anti-mainstream media anti-Big Tech Youtube channel

Compact Magazine
anti-establishment magazine

A blog about the future of industrial society and ecology.

Caitlin Johnstone
An anti-establishment anti-American empire newsletter by Caitlin Johnstone

anti-establishment independent journalism

Year Zero
“An ongoing inquiry into the [woke] ideological fever that overtook the governing and chattering classes of America during the Trump years”

The Greyzone
investigative journalism on the American empire

Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar
anti-establishment podcast

Yasha Levine
“A newsletter run by a Soviet immigrant living through American decline.”

‘+972 Magazine
“+972 Magazine is an independent, online, nonprofit magazine run by a group of Palestinian and Israeli journalists. Founded in 2010, our mission is to provide in-depth reporting, analysis, and opinions from the ground in Israel-Palestine. The name of the site is derived from the telephone country code that can be used to dial throughout Israel-Palestine.

Our core values are a commitment to equity, justice, and freedom of information. We believe in accurate and fair journalism that spotlights the people and communities working to oppose occupation and apartheid, and that showcases perspectives often overlooked or marginalized in mainstream narratives.

+972 Magazine does not represent any outside organization, political party, or agenda. We publish a wide variety of views on our site that do not necessarily represent the opinions of the +972 editorial team.”

9/11 or covid, troofers unite!

Spanish Halyon [Brendan Devenney]
He writes up-to-date articles here as well: https://medium.com/@dubhelloco

History of Zionism, from its inception to the present day.

Mainstream Spanking