If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen. — Samuel Adams

Surely the major problem of the so-called “Dissident Right” in America is how non-American and anti-American it really is. In this, it mirrors its partner, the so-called “Dissident Left.” The ostensible “dissidents” are not dissenting against a regime as much as they are dissenting against a people – the people known as “Americans.”

We’ll have to leave the “race dissidents” for later, for now we’ll have to start with our favorite subject, the “Neo-Reaction.”

NRx, originally a neo-conservative marketing campaign by the Zionists who ran The Atlantic magazine, spearheaded by their lead Iraq War propagandist Andrew Sullivan, has been institutionalized by the Paypal Mafia via the slush fund Claremont Institute, which has an entire Claremont Cabal of paid and platformed political content creators.

Just as reliable CIA propagandist Michael Scheuer had on Lin Wood and other low-rent disinformation propagandists spewing crazy nonsense like “XKeyScore hacked the voting machines and CIA Gina Haspell is in a shoot out at a server farm in Germany,” they are now shilling hard for Paypal Mafia front man Elon Musk, lauding him for his Space Program which is helping America beat China to the Moon Bases – no, that isn’t me saying that, that is CIA propagandists saying that on podcasts from the front page of Apple Podcasts.

Apparently everyone is all aflutter over UFOs and I half suspect we’ll be partying like it’s 2012 on the Flat Earth any day now.


To apply the Principle of Charity, renamed by the Usual Suspects as “steel-manning” because “strawmanning” is the only fallacy they know, let’s concede that Curtis Yarvin is correct in the sense that a unified executive is the only way to run an institution.

Let’s even concede that the Newt Gingrich Republicans were more or less right about “the permanent bureaucracy in Washington,” now known by Populist Trump fans as The Swamp and given some fancy name by Curtis Yarvin to create a feeling of special knowledge in his readers.

Freud did the same thing; the trinity of the id, ego and superego were just Plato’s theory of soul; the logistikon (reason), the thymoeides (spirit), and the epithymetikon (appetite), given “modern” names. Yarvin instead uses Hindu castes. It’s a legitimate technique both in the sense it is often easier to perceive patterns in your own culture by observing similar patterns in foreign cultures, and the obscure language gives the writer a kind of plausible deniability – “of course I wasn’t saying that you were a dalit.” It’s “Straussian” if you want to pretend Strauss was the first to discern dog-whistles in political writing.

My first Red Pill was seeing George H. W. Bush declare the “democracy has been restored in Kuwait.” I learned that Kuwait was not a “democracy” and in fact the United States had reestablished the Kuwaiti monarchy. Raised in the ideology of 1776, this was scandalous.

Older and wiser, I realize if I were George H. W. Bush, operating under the constraints the man was operating under, I probably would have made worse decisions. I would hope if, as President, I even had the choice I would never, ever, try to impose “democracy” or anything resembling it on Kuwait.

The second Monarch Red Pill was when Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Richard Meyers declared, in April of 2002, that they never said they were trying to catch Osama Bin Laden in Afghanistan and instead they were trying to catch “Al Qaeda’s number three” or maybe some “elite fighters.”

The New York Times ran an astonishing article suggesting that an old monarchy should be reestablished in Afghanistan to replace the Taliban government the Empire destroyed – instead of catching Osama Bin Laden for doing 9/11. Some bastard great-grand son of some 19th century “King of Afghanistan” was available for the job and promising he’d be a loyal satrap of the Americans.

Part of the buttering up of the American audience for “monarchy” was a statement that was, to me, rather revealing. The editorialist claimed that monarchy was the only erotic form of government and said that subjects have a personal connection to their King, a personal relationship that can even be erotic.”

This is all being published about the time that Curtis Yarvin’s brother was alleged to have attempted to stage a false-flag “Dorm Pipe Bombing” at Yale, to be blamed on “radical Muslim students sympathizing with Osama Bin Laden” as part of the Zionist Neo-Con 9/11 narrative The Atlantic was pushing then (and now.)

It doesn’t seem wrong. Consider the High Court Aristocracies of old Europe, with all of the hand and feet kissing and bowing and ostentatious personal subservience.

The NRx explains that our New Right oligarchy will have the monopoly on power, but they will take care of us in the same way that a Boomer takes care of his cherry 1964 Pontiac GTO.

Lots of women find such things quite romantic. In theory, with their husbands, as a kind of role play.

A unified executive is one thing, but in North Western European societies, Kings were not so much Gods as Presidents. Of course, obviously, CEO President is a modern form of monarchy. Obviously, a unified command structure is the only way to run an institution. Of course, a permanent and unaccountable bureaucracy quickly devolves into an oligarchy.

Our President CEOs are practical and our relationship with them is certainly not erotic. The connection between Peter Thiel, Elon Musk, the Claremont Cabal, and their head writer marrying his Dominatrix may have something to do with all of the frankly erotic writing about power and dominance and submission, something personal made political.

This is not a small matter.

If America has a King, who is our Moral leader, then Joe Biden is the King, and what is he teaching?

King Joe Biden says that abortion and gay marriage are the moral things to do.

But Americans don’t really believe that. Part of our Protestant heritage is the separation of Church and State.

That is why the phrase “No King But Jesus” has a long and rich history on the American Right – the real American Right.

I get it – the Alt-Right/Dissident Right crowd are young and the real history of this American Right is, of course, suppressed.

The so-called “Dissident Right” demonizes and attacks virtually every historical American Right leader with only narrow ideological exceptions. It’s fashionable on the so-called “Dissident Right” to create a Black Legend against America.

Each Dissident Right faction does it in their own way: for E. Michael Jones, it is that America is the Judeo-Protestant-Masonic-Republican-Communist Conspiracy of Maurie Pinay. For Curtis Yarvin, it is that America was always Leftist and a perverse form of the goyim will-to-power. For the “Fascist” cranks, it’s World War II.

“Objectivity” is always an aspiration more than an achievement, but the Dissident Right has no interest in any objective narrative of America – or Americans, the people. It is a Black Legend, always interpreting everything in the worst possible way, and sometimes just negation – just reaction – against anything American.

Of course such a “movement” is not “real.” It is a phantasm; in fact it mostly exists online and its relationship with quasi-official establishment “movements” like “Antifa,” SPLC and ADL is ambiguous, to say the least.

In America, Jesus is our King. That means you are not our King. That means Jesus is the head of our Church, Jesus is the moral standard.

Not you, not any politician. Not Trump.

America voted for Trump to be President, not King, and not Pastor.

That is why we say “No King But Jesus.”

Obviously, Jesus isn’t here in person right now to tell anyone what to do, and I’m certainly not interested in having an argument with you about “what would Jesus do?”

So instead let’s be fellow citizens in a Republic and try to come to an agreement on “what should the next President do” and I hope you’ll agree ending all immigration is the first order of business.

Maybe next we’ll try to teach them about liberty and limited government, but let’s take it slow for now.