mightymunster1 23 points 5 hours ago

I’m Irish lived in England, moved back home because of how shitty I was treated there. Was told I wouldn’t get a job at one interview because of my accent that was just the start of it.

Robin_Goodfelowe -23 points 5 hours ago

I wonder if there are any examples of Irish people getting jobs in England or is your anecdote the actual truth of the matter.

mightymunster1 23 points 4 hours ago

My wife worked as a nurse as did her 6 other Irish friends and I can tell you they were abused by patients on a daily basis for being Irish. You can choose not to take this as serious but when you’re on the end of that abuse it’s hard not to.

Robin_Goodfelowe -28 points 4 hours ago

As were my parents and every Asian African Caribbean or eastern European immigrant. No-one is denying there are racist Brits and that it’s a serious matter.

It is however ridiculous to say that Irish people can’t find employment in England.