For ten years Lady Gaga, who had one good song – You And I – was all over media. And because she was ugly, and not very talented, they hitched her to “LGBT rights.” A second rate Madonna knock off, except no one really thought of Madonna as gay until that one video “Vogue” with what we assumed were trannies.

Like Lady Gaga, Grimes isn’t really the prettiest gal out there. But like Billie Eilish, her normality is part of the appeal.

In the case of Billie Eilish, part of her appeal to her young fans is she dresses modestly. She kind of has to because she is quite voluptuous. Imagine Billie Eilish, minus fifteen pounds, in a tight dress. You would get a boner just looking at her because the big old boobies and child bearing hips scream “Fuck Me Twice For Twins.”

So her making it fashionable for young gals to dress a bit more modestly is really helpful to a lot of young girls who really aren’t ready for men staring at their boobs.

Grimes is a tiny little thing, she looks like a girl, she doesn’t have any boobs at all and no butt. So when she dresses up in all the outfits, it’s more arty, theater chick, and not really sexy. It is very much in the same neighborhood as the Japanese Anime Girl thing, which as posted earlier, ten years ago was a kind of white girl fad – Kirsten Dunst doing Turning Japanese as a Anime Girl – sort of like how hair metal bands did some Japanese stuff to break into that market in the 1980s.

But the Social Media era has placed Japanese Anime firmly in the mainstream of American culture, and I frankly don’t like it. It’s foreign. Say what you will about Blacks, a lot of their best stuff is mirrored from Southern-Appalachian English/Scot music.

Maybe Japan is the first Post-Human, Trans-Human society. They were the only country to get literally nuked. So the radiation turned them into a sort of Robot Man. The Little Girl Demons – Ebolachan – maybe are the last bit of Nature spirituality they have left, basically wood sprites (how’s that for pagan?) their last connection to nature not yet severed, like that one book His Dark Materials.