Remember the Vaccine Mandates?

Remember the censorship of “medical misinformation?”

Remember the Great Reset, the lockdown, forcing the servant class to wear masks?

Remember how dozens of high profile politicians ignored their own lock down orders? California governor Gavin Newsom was holding parties at ultra-exclusive clubs like The French Laundry and British politicians were holding private parties and meeting up with their mistresses. Belgian politicians were holding gay orgies and raw dogging with no masks. Celebrity Communist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez modeled her designer dress maskless at the elite Democrat Met Gala surrounded by masked servants.

Obama held a private party where only the servants were masked, and the Media – ABC, CBS, NBC, WP, NYT – said it was okay because they were all “sophisticated people.”

The police state instituted in 2020 was worse than anything that happened after 9/11, and even regular people, both right leaning libertarian Republicans and left-wing communist Democrats were screaming bloody murder over that.

Remember the truckers in Canada? The Canadian government said they were “Nazis” and that when they honked their horns it was a “code noise for Heil Hitler.” Multiple Canadian politicians went on the floor of the legislature and told a hysterical lie that “White Supremacist Nazis” were trying to take over Canada because they wanted to “infect Canadians” with Covid-19.

The Jewish Anti-Defamation League, a Zionist front group of the foreign state of Israel, claimed that “White Christians” were trying to infect Jews and Blacks with Covid-19, pointing to some online comment on some fringe website somewhere, probably typed in by one of their own interns.

They threatened elite people who worked with Trump, like the various attorneys, and promised to try to prevent them from ever getting a job again.

We, Americans, need to keep a list of all of the various flunkies and functionaries who were part of this. We need to follow them around the bureaucracy, private or public, and warn everyoe about what these people did.

They locked people in their homes and stole everything that wasn’t nailed down – trillions of dollars of wealth transfers from the public to elite politicians and globalists.

Speaking of 9/11, not only is the 9/11 Commission Executive Director – in charge of the cover up – Philip Zelikow, now in charge of the Covid Commission, and Israeli Mossad agent Michael Chertoff – the one who forced the FBI to allow hundreds of Israeli agents involved in 9/11 to flee to Israel to avoid prosecution in America – has replaced the weirdo chick Scary Poppins who sang songs about the Disinformation Board.

Everyone got their two-minute hate against the crazy shiksa nutjob, and then she gets fired and they put the former Director of Homeland Security – and foreign Israeli agent, like his fellow Zionist Jew spy Alejandro Mayorkas, now at Homeland security – in as Official Government Censor.

As I’ve said a million times, they always pull one of these things off every generation – every twenty years. And Covid came twenty years after 9/11, just as a new generation came of age who weren’t even born then, and the ones who were were just children, so don’t remember what happened.

We need to make sure future generations maintain this historical memory so they know what is happening when they do it again.

What will 2040 bring?