The biggest threat to the Empire is a Russia-China coalition. Especially the Russian partisans on Western blogs, such as, have for years boasted of the new Russian-China Alliance that ended the reign of the world’s former sole Super-Power, the United States.

Under Trump economic pressure on China was intensified. As soon as Trump was removed, the Empire pivoted to Russia. Even if Russia were to occupy half of Ukraine, their gains have to be measured against the diplomatic and economic isolation from the rest of the Empire.

Instead of the fabled Russia-China Alliance leading the BRICS to destroy the imperial hegemon, the Empire is daring China to side with Russia thus isolating themselves and renewing the Trump era economic war against them.

The Democratic party contains the elites of the entire imperial culture around the State Department, GWU, the Foundations, Intelligence, obviously, and the most established global corporations, especially financial.

The Republican party has been positioned as the party of cultural backlash since the days of the Last Liberal, Richard Nixon. At the State level, the Republicans are indistinguishable from the Democrats.

Imperialism is somewhat inevitable, like cancer, if you live long enough you’ll probably get it. You can manage it but once you get it you’ll die. Even if you don’t get it, you’ll die from something eventually.

For Americans – us – the Empire has some benefits, but if the USA lost the Empire it would necessitate some domestic readjustments that the ruling class obviously does not want, and in fact cannot survive as a ruling class.

But like imperialism, and cancer, that is inevitable too. All part of the natural cycles, of individuals and societies.

One hundred years from now everyone reading this will be dead, but American will still be there, full of Americans, most of whom will be “white” and have at least some ancestry from real Americans.

The only short term domestic American political issue is immigration – it must be stopped completely.

Medium term, it is important to maintain liberty on not just the individual level, but at the family level especially, and the extended family and community level as well.

Technocracy is the biggest medium-term threat to Americans.

It is a damn shame – hell, maybe it is a “conspiracy” – that you cannot have a serious conversation about SLAVERY in the American context, because it is always a Black issue.

But the specifics of Atlantic Black Slavery in the 17/18th centuries is a tiny part of the history of Slavery as a whole, and agricultural slavery, an adoption of some African norms into the European feudalist system, was only a tiny part of the Slave Power.

No, right-wingers, this is not about adopting a “victim mentality” about how “whites were slaves too.” It is not a displacement of the so-called “historical guilt of slavery” on to Jews – a fun little game some have played because it is absolutely true that Jews ran the trans-Atlantic slave trade of that period.

No – it is about the future.

The American “White Middle Class” or the “White Working Class” – really the same group – are in medium term danger of literally, not figuratively, becoming enslaved.

Psychologically, via Boomer Television, White America proved astonishingly susceptible.

Economically speaking, there is a grand, wonderful tradition – I’ve been told by WN Big Brains it’s a “Scotch-Irish” thing – of treasuring Economic Liberty. This is about the one thing that American conservative types get more right than wrong, although they tend to be overly optimistic – talking their own book, frankly. But at least it is there.

But the technological changes are making various traditional enslavement techniques more effective, and the place to watch is medical technology, which has some truly scary implications.

Off topic:

The original Star Wars, and the original Star Trek, were great cinema. The rest of them? Not so much. The second Star Wars trilogy was a pale imitation of the original. The Next Generation wasn’t the worst show on TV – there was always something worse on. But it wasn’t any good.

I never bothered to watch any of the rest of the Star Wars/Star Trek movies. I saw the original Joker movie with Jack Nicholson from like 1991, but the main thing I remember is the Prince music video. I’ve never seen a single comic book movie other than that.

I actually do understand WHY there are all these young, presumably white, men using Anime Girl avatars – it’s a goddess thing. My favorite was Ebola-chan, very cool, very artsy, very sinister. Loved it.

But Anime is for Asian people. Why can’t these “White” boys come up with a White version of the same thing?

I use chick singers, like Grimes or Poppy, for the same reasons these kids are using the Anime girls, but I’m keeping it white. Apparently, Hipsters Are The Real Racists.