“Southern Poverty Law Center lists anti-gay groups. I found them online … I wanted to kill as many as possible and smear the Chick-fil-A sandwiches in victims’ faces, and kill the guard.” — Democrat domestic terrorist Floyd Corkins confessing to his attacks on Christians.

It is shocking that a sitting member of Congress can, in 2022, go on live TV and spew racist zionist talking points against Americans.

Chuck Schumer blamed “classic America” for a shooting in New York, and then claimed that these Americans “never really existed.”

If Chuck Schumer’s talking points sound familiar, that is because they are. All variations on a theme:

  1. Palestinians are an invented people.
  2. Classic Americans never existed.
  3. Whites will be a minority and that doesn’t count as genocide because of their race and ethnicity.
  4. Classic Americans are “Christian supremacists” (said Chuck Schumer, a Zionist Jew.)
  5. If white Americans have their own neighborhood that is apartheid. But when Jews have their own ethno-state, that is not apartheid, because we are Jews.
  6. Whiteness is a social construct.
  7. White Americans are inherently “racist” and “guilty” of real and imagined historical crimes.

Chuck Schumer knows that his audience will pick up these racist zionist “dog-whistles” and know exactly who these “Classic American White Christian Supremacists” are.

This extremist zionist rhetoric is now mainstream in the Democratic party and parroted all over the Democrat media, from broadcast TV stations like ABC, CBS, and NBC, to Democrat blogs like the New York Times.

Chuck Schumer is giving his extremist followers permission to commit more acts of racially motivated terrorism like the BLM Democrat who specifically attacked White Christians at a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin six months ago.

When the SPLC started putting churches on their “hate map” they were giving the go-ahead to Democrats like Floyd Corkins to massacre Christians. When Democrat Bernie Sanders, a self-avowed Zionist Jew and a Communist who labels himself a “Democratic Socialist,” started Zionist dog-whistling in his campaigns Democrat James Hodgkinson got the message and attempted a one-man coup, trying to assassinate a dozen sitting Republican officials, hoping to kill enough to give his political party, the Democratic party, more power in the legislature.

Now Chuck Schumer is spewing Zionist Hate Speech against against “classic Americans” – actual, real Americans – hoping to trigger another wave of racially motivated violence like the BLM-Antifa riots of 2020.

If the Republicans win Congress in the next election, they should censure extremists like Chuck Schumer and any sane Democrats who are left should remove him from his committee assignments.

Chuck Schumer is trying to inspire an attack like the ones his fellow Israeli Jews just pulled off in Zionist-occupied Palestine.