Ten dollar gas is going to decimate the Democrats in both houses of Congress. The GOP will have enough sway to tilt things in their favor, especially since they are going to run the table in the state governments, such as gerrymandering and the like.

This is a once in a generation thing – the Democrats will likely lose bigger than 1994.

Who knows the Republicans could get serious and drain a lot of the Democrat’s half of the Swamp, especially since the Democrats run the bureaucracy and Republicans don’t. They are actually prosecuting one Democrat political crook who worked for Clinton. At least they are going through the motions.

What are the legacy media brands going to do? All the Democrat blogs like Washington Post and New York Times? MSNBC?

Everyone seems to get lost in the rhetoric. Take all these attacks on Tucker Carlson. Ignore the rhetoric. What actually happened? Two things:

First, Tucker Carlson beat every other media personality in the entire country, hands down. Tucker Carlson is the King Of All Media.

Second, all of his competitors who lost their audience to him are calling him “racist” and demanding he be banned from the airwaves, and Democratic politicians are openly threatening private businesses who employ or do business with Tucker Carlson, because they know that Tucker Carlson is making Republicans more popular.

The most important Leftist Democrat intellectual of the last two generations, Noam Chomsky, has declared that anyone who refuses the Pfizer MRNA injections be starved to death, Project Veritas has caught dozens of Leftist Democrats advocating concentration camps and “re-educating” other people’s children, and the Democrats are calling parents at school boards objecting to the sexual grooming of children as “extremists.” Extremism is now “mainstream” in the Democratic party.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden is President and gas is supposed to be TEN DOLLARS A GALLON in the next thirty days.

If that happens I don’t think people are going to have the patience to listen to far-left Democrats lecture people about “racism” and why we need more immigration for the Great Replacement conspiracy.