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Tesla removed from S&P 500 ESG Index, prompting Musk pushback

S&P Dow Jones Indices has removed electric carmaker Tesla from its widely-followed S&P 500 ESG Index, citing issues including racial discrimination claims and crashes linked to its autopilot vehicles, a move that prompted critical tweets from Tesla CEO Elon Musk on Wednesday.

Other contributing factors to the changes, effective May 2, included Tesla’s lack of published details related to its low carbon strategy or business conduct codes, said Margaret Dorn, the organization’s head of ESG indices for North America, in an interview.

The removal Tesla was among a group of changes made to the S&P 500 ESG Index dating from April 22, according to an announcement. Among the additions to the index at the same time was Twitter Inc, the social media platform Musk has under agreement to purchase. … Dorn and others did not immediately describe the reasons Twitter was added.

“ESG” is what the Soviet Union called “political officers” and each business had to have a Commissar.

What will it take to make you capitulate?
We appreciate power
We appreciate power
When will the state agree to cooperate?
We appreciate power
We appreciate power, power

Elon Musk is going to build an Underground Vacuum High Speed Railroad from Los Angeles to Sacramento. The company is called The Boring Company. He also sold consumer Flame Throwers, his main competitor in that department being an old family associate of legendary Cocaine Cartel kingpin Pablo Escobar.

Just to be clear – let’s break character here – this is not what I claim, this is the “official story” from the “mainstream media.”

I think it is obvious that Elon Musk’s various companies are thinly veiled high tech defense technology – his – “Elon’s” – satellite network is used to assist Ukraine targeting Russian forces, for instance.

But that is a far-right conspiracy theory so I disavow.

Last month The Intelligence Community © declared centralized control of Global Social Media, such as Twitter, vital to the national security interests of the United States. This is obviously true, if The Intelligence Community © didn’t say this, what are we paying them for?

Having all the leaders of the world on Twitter is as vital to American hegemony as is the United Nations being located in New York.

For comparison, think of the saddest story of the 20th century: the United Kingdom. The Empire on which the sun never set, now Airstrip One. For decades the British establishment have been pimping out English girls to Pakistani rape gangs because the only way London even counts as a financial center anymore is money laundering for Muslim and Russian crooks, and various elaborate pretenses when various quasi-international criminal elites flee there to postpone the inevitable – see many of Putin’s radioactive enemies and Australian journalist Julian Assange.

Without Wall Street Manhattan is Chicago. It used to be that the ocean, and later air, passage between London and New York was the most important global connection in the world. Now it hardly matters. The European Union goes on post-Brexit and the United Kingdom more tightly grasps the special relationship hoping to postpone the inevitable when England, Wales and Scotland, along with various Canadian provinces, become the 50th-60th sovereign states of our United States. Call it Five Eyes or the North American Union plus Oceania, it is the Western Empire, the American half opposite the European Union’s half.

The Right, seemingly far more full of Russian trolls than anyone thought, love to channel Victoria Nuland and say “fuck the EU” but in fact Germany, France, Scandinavia, the Alpine cities, these are economic and technological powerhouses with deep human capital – and human capital not just in the sense of high-quality individual men and women, but in social and cultural structures and norms.

America is big and dynamic and easy to move. Europe is different. France still leads the world in nuclear after all.

The Dollar controls global trade, America has the biggest military, and America has, since the Soviet Union collapsed, managed to stay number one even when you combine China and Russia.

Europe is fully integrated into the Empire, and Europe and Americanada alone can, and do, dominate the world. China and Russia can defend their own territory, but while the American Right fearmongers about China taking Taiwan, Russia can’t even successfully occupy half of Ukraine against Imperial proxies.

Whoever Elon Musk represents seems to be having a real struggle with more established and East Coast oriented power blocs, such as Wall Street. Tesla is the main brand and most of its revenue seems to simply come from Regulatory Carbon Credits © paid by the real car companies Ford, GM, Toyota, Honda, etc., for Global Warming ©.

As for the satellites and rockets and underground Bunker Busters – who knows?

Elon Musk buying Twitter is something in the same neighborhood as Jeff Bezos buying the Huffington Post. In Jeff Bezos’ case it got him on the wrong end of the Zionist Trump Mafia when their tabloids published his dick picks and blew up his marriage and cost him half of Amazon when Bezos wouldn’t play ball after Jared Kushner ordered the murder of a Huffington Post journalist.

I read a joke on a Dissident Right website, “Elon Musk should get back together with Grimes because she will make a perfect Queen of Mars.”