Donald Trump only did one or maybe two good things and Joe Biden is going to make sure to reverse even those. Next he’ll probably declare war on North Korea because Trump did the photo op.

Biden Orders US Troops Back to Somalia, Reverses Trump Withdrawal

President Joe Biden has approved the return of several hundred U.S. troops to Somalia, reversing a late-term Trump administration order that withdrew America’s counterterrorism forces stationed there almost entirely.

The Pentagon will re-establish a “small persistent” presence of fewer than 500 American troops in Somalia, a senior administration official said Monday.

And what Trump did wasn’t even all that good:

Full-time special operators will help train local forces to conduct counterterrorism strikes against al-Qaeda affiliate al-Shabab, reversing Trump’s order to rely on shorter-term rotations of troops to fight the terrorist group.

What you should understand from this:

  1. It’s not your Empire.
  2. It’s not your military. If you are serving in the USA military, or one of its many various appendages, you’re basically a Foreign Legionnaire. A “jannie” in the new lingo from what I understand the kids are saying these days.
  3. If you get killed don’t expect regular Americans to get all patriotic about it. You are not doing it for some sort of “patriotism” you’re doing it for a paycheck, or an adventure, or just to kill kill kill because where else can you kill people and not just get away with but get paid to do it and then demand everyone thank you for your service?

Wasn’t there a viral clip with the white NBA star that said if someone invaded Arkansas he’d take up arms but otherwise he didn’t want to go to the literal other side of Earth to go fight Russians for Ukrainians that speak a slightly different dialect of Russian?

But you really can’t even say that anymore. Arkansas is being invaded, as is the rest of the country. As you read this right now there are ten thousand invaders coming across the southern border every day, more than you’d think coming across the northern border, and arriving at airports in every major city.

The invasion is happening, right now. But you can’t do anything about it because the Great Replacement is a far-right conspiracy theory – that Zionist Jew comedian who runs the ADL – Borat – said so.

Anyone read about the Chinese man that shot up a church full of Chinese people the other day?

The shooter killed Dr. John Cheng, 52, and wounded five others during a lunch held by Irvine Taiwanese Presbyterian Church, which worships at Geneva Presbyterian Church in Laguna Woods, authorities said at a Monday news conference.

It’s open season on us Presbyterians now. Where is Ian Paisley when you need him?

Apparently, the Church was full of Chinese people who support Taiwan Independence, and the shooter was a Chinese man who supported Taiwan Unification.

During the Irish Troubles the only people in America who cared were the lowest dregs of the Boston Irish, and they allowed them to ship one boatload of guns to the IRA and then shut them down. They were allowed to fund raise for their “Widow and Orphans Fund” (cough) but that was just getting drunken Irishmen to throw a few dollars in a coffee can – if any of that cash made it out of the bar I’ll do something ironic related to Irish alcoholism or green clothing.

Now the Chinese are having a Civil War right in California but if you notice you’re a racist.

Honk honk!