The men’s cult represents a conspiracy in plain sight. The ‘men’s house’ is often the largest structure in a village, and built in a position of prestige, at the center or top of a settlement. This is where most adult males and teenage initiates spend the majority of their time when not engaged in subsistence activities. The house can function as a ritual center for the men, and it holds the sacred paraphernalia of the men’s cult, which often consists of masks and/or musical instruments. These objects are usually meant to be kept hidden from women and children. A woman who would glance at the sacred flutes among the Mundurucu of the Amazon would be punished through gang-rape by the males. Across New Guinea, the punishment for a woman who saw the sacred objects was often execution.

On secret cults and male dominance

In her new autobiography, Reckless: The Life of a Pretender, Chrissie Hynde gives a fuller account of her rape than has so far emerged. The 63-year-old musician has faced widespread criticism after saying in an interview with The Sunday Times that women who dress provocatively are enticing rapists. The former lead singer of The Pretenders also said she blamed herself for being sexually assaulted by members of one of Ohio’s “leather-clad gangs” when she was younger.

Chrissie Hynde reveals she dated Hell’s Angel in gang who raped her

Celebrity transgender activist Lia Thompson has been swimming in women’s events. A couple of years ago a transgender activist became infamous for suing women’s salons for not waxing her female scrotum.

Let’s say one were to make a film about these topics. Let’s say the style of the film would be Magical Realism, and the artistry of the film would include many references to religion via symbolism, names, and concepts like “Karmic Retribution.” One could imagine a sort of language one might use.

Betty Friedan’s The Feminine Mystique is said to be the founding text of second wave feminism, but an important aspect of the work is obscured by both advocates and critics.

One of the strongest points Mystique makes is how women’s work had become de-skilled and how this was easy to see in the change in women’s magazines over the previous thirty years. A content of a typical women’s magazine of 1900 was mostly educational information about the work women did: agriculture, textiles, medicine.

By the 1950s, the role of a woman featured in these same women’s magazine had become de-skilled and decorative. Traditional women’s work – like medicine – had become highly technical an the realm of men, and on the other end, basic housework, had become deskilled with the advent of machinery.

Euphemism like women “working in the home” had far more to do with middle class propriety of married women being alone in the company of men not their husbands, like as a secretary, than some sort of Taliban-like restrictions on women leaving the home. The fact that suburban life was becoming the norm for many people also isolated “housewives” for the first time, especially since most families only had one car.

This was a material change in the economic conditions of working women that did not have anything particular to do with sex, motherhood, or men.

In the same way that Liberal Mommas and the Poppas used Surf Music to blunt the appeal of the Communist folk music of the Weavers, “Feminism” – the kind given lavish coverage on Television and CIA publications like Time and Playboy – ignored the change in the material conditions of women as workers and instead engaged in an endless variety of sex talk.

Women who were primary economic producers, engaging in agricultural and industrial production all of a sudden were told to push buttons on the dishwasher and otherwise look pretty. Those were the lucky ones – the ones who did not have a middle class husband were doing the same work, but the labor surplus was no longer going to herself and her own family, but her employer. And she was being deskilled.

Obviously the introduction of women to factory work during the war had a lot to do with it as well.

By the 1970s “Feminists” were holding stunts like women beating men at tennis – and most of this was staged, as they were nothing but media stunts. A famous comedian started wrestling “feminists.”

America and Europe are not Muslim societies and women have always had a high status compared to most cultures. There was really not too much of a problem with slightly relaxed standards about men and women socializing – ironically, it was Prohibition which ended sex segregation during leisure activities because communities couldn’t afford to keep two illegal saloons open.

But when women started demanding integration into men’s spaces that were more than just economic, it was breaking a sort of “spiritual balance.”

The most obvious place is the military.

Which would include the farce of the first woman at the Citadel.

Another would be the woman demanding to be a Fireman.

And of course – the ultimate source of the abomination – women being ordained to ministry.

The Army, which includes Firemen, and certain Priesthoods, are primitive Mannerbunds, a part of the sex segregation that itself is part of the cultural and societal manifestations of sex.

Women cross-dressed – they put on men’s clothes – the uniform, whether that is a military uniform, or the Fireman’s uniform or the Minister’s uniform.

So now you see the karmic retribution as Transgender Activists who were assigned male at birth dress in women’s uniforms – like women’s swimsuits they wear during swim competitions – and do to women’s groups what women did to men’s groups.

It’s pretty easy to tell what is a Male group in the “spiritual sense” – the Mannerbund – versus just what is a social convenience.

Taking and saving lives – the Army and the Firemen – are men only. This includes the consecration of life and death, the role of the Cleric. Men only. Women have no business there.

Now – computer programmers? Technically speaking “computer operator” was originally a woman’s job. 95% of “computer scientists” are actually “computer operators” aka “clerks.” Yet the most woman-hating men are computer programmers because they know it’s chick work.

Corporations should be free to keep women off of a team of men because it often causes trouble. But I’ve never seen the slightest bit of conflict between married men and married women working together – if everyone is over 30.

In their 20s? In their 20s both men and women are horny all the time and have to be kept apart if you want to get any work done.

Women on a submarine? LOL. Star Trek was a male fantasy. Go ask anyone in the Navy how women on carriers are working out. It’s a Floating Sea Brothel – how could it be otherwise? You have messed with primordial powers my son!

Tell the women to stop cross dressing and then tell the men to stop cross dressing and restore the balance. Vive la difference.