Jeff Sharlett is a half Jew, half Fag writer for some Democrat blog in New York, and fifteen years ago he decided to be a “journalist” and “go undercover” to “expose” “America’s Secret Protestant Christian Theocracy.”

Believe it or not, the hook was no less than former First Lady Hillary Clinton. Clinton, as a part of the next stage in her political career, attended the Washington Prayer Breakfast, as virtually all aspiring Presidents and most aspiring Senators used to do. The Washington Prayer Breakfast is a long standing American tradition that goes back to the earliest 20th century – the textbook example of “Generic Protestant-flavored broad Church American civic religion.” It was started by some businessmen and tends to be centered around upper-upper middle class Christians, a bit more socially conservative than San Francisco Unitarians.

Once a year they hold a breakfast. A Christian minister will say a prayer and give a short speech. An aspiring politician or two might give a mini stump speech pretending he’s a good Christian. They shake hands, and that is about it.

The crowd that puts on the breakfast is sometimes called “the Family” and it was mostly one guy in the early years, then he died and another guy, Doug Coe, took it over.

They have a building in suburban Virginia, and some students and interns and young men working for some Christian non-profits in DC stay in the apartments for a semester or two. There are church services and some informal networking for jobs in DC, at GOP think tanks, and the like.

And being that these are young guys in their 20s, they like to play basketball, and they have a basketball court and a gym on the campus.

So Sharlett – being a half-a-Jew – wanted to paint the Christians as “anti-Semitic” – of course. And Sharlett being half-a-Fag, wanted to paint the Christians as “homophobic.” But reading his article, and the book that probably thirty people actually read, really just makes the Christians seem like normal people who went out of their way to be as welcoming as possible to a Jew Fag, only to be smeared in his article.

But the problem that Sharlett ran into is that the Christians who were so nice to him, were, in fact, really nice to him. Quite welcoming and quite forthcoming. And every attempt that Sharlett made in his articles and books to try to smear these people as “anti-semitic” and “homophobic” just made the reader unable to suspend disbelief and just realize it was all Sharlett’s own weird projections.

The whole bit with playing basketball, and some kind of Ned Flanders saying about “Jesus” the guys would do, Sharlett tries hard to make it some sort of Homo Nazi thing. But who in the world plays basketball with guys from church and thinks about Jews or homosexuals?

No one – except Jews and homosexuals. Like Jeff Sharlett.

I’ll never forget the article, though, and in a lot of ways Sharlett’s “expose” really inspired me. For the first time in my adult life, I thought, “oh wow, conservative Protestant white guys aren’t such cringe dorks after all, and in fact, have their own kind of Mafia in DC. And they are used as a front for CIA “quiet diplomacy” and Democrats are terrified of these guys because Democrats are Jewish fags, or faggoty jews, depending on how you look at it.”

Doug Coe – the second leader of the Family – was a brilliant man. I wish he had written more. I think he died not long ago and I don’t think the Family really exists in the same way – certainly Hillary Clinton won’t be attending the Prayer Breakfast ever again.

But there was one point in which regular white American Christians – lots of regular upper-middle class white guys from Iowa and Kansas and Texas and Kentucky – the best in their class, could go to the federal capital and take up their natural place as the leaders of tomorrow.

And mostly avoided the typical Republican Cocaine Orgies that Jews like Joel Greenberg and Jeffrey Epstein put on to get blackmail material.

Poor Madison Cawthorn – they sure shut him up quickly, didn’t they?

I love the idea of a Presbyterian Mafia. I would support that.

And as far as our New Handmaiden Tale era of post-Roe v. Wade?

All I can say is this: if your wife asks you to buy her a Handmaid’s Tale outfit … do it. But understand what you are getting into, because once you go there, there is no going back.