Or so I have been informed. Did I fall for disinformation or misinformation?

So two years ago the leadership of the Western world incarcerated their entire populations, stole anything that wasn’t nailed down, then forced everyone to get an experimental mRNA injection. In Australia they built concentration camps for the “unvaccinated” and hired swimsuit models to pose in the camps on Instagram.

The government rounded up people’s children, five year olds, explicitly told the parents they had no say in the matter, put them in auditoriums and injected them.

Any criticism of Pfizer was censored as “disinformation” and “misinformation” from all major Social Media platforms. Professionals were fired from their jobs and “cancelled” for any deviation from the norm.

Massive amounts of money were distributed to Health Care ©, from the exeutives of the insurance companies to dancing nurses.

Now it is the Russian war against Ukraine but that war is turning out not as a feature film but a multi-seasons series. Season 1 ends in a stalemate not a cliffhanger.


Obviously the ruling class are going to switch out the Democrats for the Republicans, and none too soon, because the ruling class is so spooked they fainted when some Trump MAGA fans dressed up in costumes and protested Biden being installed as President.

Six dollar gas will probably be worse for them.

While everyone was locked inside or at their slave jobs wearing facemasks, the leadership of the Western world printed up trillions and trillions of dollars and gave it to themselves. Now, as the global trade system is on life support, they are throwing some crumbs to the peasants hoping to appease them while they try to move to whatever new global balance of power will keep them in charge.

So that is our “inflation.”

NATO/Pentagon are more or less on autopilot. They and their “private” industry partners are making paperclips, exactly as they are supposed to, and they continue to do an amazing and top notch job. The Empire has hypersonic missiles as advanced as Russia and China and continue to far outrank all other militaries on most metrics.

The political class has been skimming off of the Ukrainian corruption for decades and even something as salacious as Hunter Biden’s Laptop From Hell barely gets the tabloid treatment – they censored the only newspaper that would cover it.

Our Official Dissidents will pretend that the Biden’s skim from Jewish organized crime in Ukraine somehow drives foreign policy. It doesn’t work like that. Hunter Biden is the distraction – in other countries Hunter Biden is well understood: the Bossman’s son. You would never directly give the king a bribe, it is disrespectful, you’d get your head chopped off. When the king’s son comes around, you give the prince a gift.

In our modern world you put Hunter Biden’s name on the board of directors and make large weekly payments from the company’s account to another set of bank accounts with Hunter Biden’s name on it. This isn’t rocket science. In fact, it is a particularly gauche
American middle-classism to not do this. It would, in fact, be quite rude to not send the President’s son to collect gifts. What, are you Americans so high above everyone else that Joe Biden’s fuck-up son known for hookers and blow is too good to collect the payoffs? You want to send someone even lower, maybe Biden’s cousin’s friend who ran real estate scheme or something?

That is no way to show respect to an ally.

So anyway the Republicans are going to win, so the next couple of months it will be Republican vs. Republican, and Republican vs. Democrat, and Hollywood Celebrities virtue signaling the current thing and getting cancelled for being politically incorrect.

In these cases, I try to figure out what the right wing Zionist Jews are doing. So I noticed this on the Israeli propaganda blog Breitbart.com.


Marc Elias is an actual Democratic party footsoldier. It is Democratic soldiers like him who are being defeated, to be replaced by their Republican counterparts.

So if you are interested in the mechanics of the occupation government, you’d ignore whichever Trump endorsed candidate won whatever race, and instead you would see who these actual Political Engineers are, and who the new Republicans will be.

They will be the new Swamp. But they are not the Deep State.

The question is whether there is any faction that can be described as the Deep State at the current moment. If not, who will be the next Deep State?