No. Odinism is cringe and will always be cringe. But at least it is an opportunity to shill for Kevin MacDonald, who everyone should read:

MacDonald’s Individualism and the Western Tradition is a must read.

The trailer for The Northman looks fairly cool. I was pleasantly enlightened and inspired when I saw the scene with Nicole Kidman.

I have nominated Nicole Kidman as the ideal of Aryan beauty, the closest to Aphrodite in human form. She was particularly beautiful in Eyes Wide Shut.

Her feminine personality and cognition comes out particularly well in this famous clip of her on a TV show discussing a failed date fifteen years prior.

For the young men out there, notice that her actual husband, the country singer, is a fairly ugly man. So while it is true that white women tend to only find the top ten or twenty percent of men handsome, that is because it is true. Really only about ten, maybe twenty, percent of men are handsome. The rest of us are quite ugly. But of course women are fully aware of this, and don’t put too much stock in a pretty face. In fact, women sometimes go for downright ugly guys. It’s a mystery, even to them.

Of course, Odinism used to be cool. Odinism was very much not cringe. That was back in the days when they were kidnapping girls and selling them into slavery to the Ottoman Empire.

Slavery is cool because of the triparite nature of human society. Successful criminals we call “oligarchs.” Failed oligarchs we call “criminals.” Everyone else is a worker bee.

At the top of society are criminal monsters we call “the elite.” Traditionally, they are the biggest and strongest man that just killed all the other men, or beat them up enough they decided to become a loyal lieutenant instead. Then the lieutenants helped the Bossman beat up all the other men until everyone was in a tightly defined military hierarchy.

Then, you go raiding for slave girls in the other villages, then sell them to the Jew merchants in exchange for Ottoman tools and weapons.

Then the Christians showed up, taught everyone how to farm, and make beer, and the Europeans were housebroken.

But I do expect all the women’s very hip hairstyles, the braids and the like, to come into fashion again because the women in the trailer do look rather fetching.

As for men, it is just like they said in Fight Club. Eventually you have to cut your hair and trim your nails to fight (or work in our cases.) So the cool long hair and beards – only White Men can grow hair like that, which is why White women go weak in the knees for long hair on men – you can only do that for a short amount of time unless you are a rock star, or a network engineer.

As for Odin – real gods need real blood. Aryan man has shed a whole lot of blood in the name of YHWH and his son Jesus Christ. Odin was not the last millennium, but the millennium before that.

I don’t really have any problem understanding my pagan instincts – I just mentioned Aphrodite, a goddess. What is Odin? Is the Marine in Iraq an avatar of Odin? I can see that.

If you were serious about Odinism, you would make art with Odin in it – like this movie. You would sing songs about Odin, and you would incorporate these gods into daily life.

Then, when Mars visits, those gods will be present in the soldiers as they shed blood. Then the gods become real and your Odinism is no longer a cringe marketing gimmick for Swedish Black Metal bands, but a real religion with a real god.

Christianity really didn’t last the Industrial era. (Scientology didn’t last the Internet era.) It was an agricultural mythos. Odin may be more primeval.

But 98% of white men in America – and Europe – are not warriors. So there is very limited opportunity to channel Odin, or Mars.

But you can channel Dionysus.

Media Watch – Implicit whiteness, with pyrotechnics: Or, the night white people took over Washington, DC

My pagan brothers, the gods have been with you the whole time:

Inside, the concert was an electrifying spectacle of deafening anthemic rock that drove the crowd nuts. Smoke, lights, a giant inflatable “Rosie” (you had to be there) and, for the finale song of “For Those About to Rock, We Salute You,” six full-sized battlefield canons were wheeled onto the stage and blasted at the appropriate moment. Women wore flashing devil horns, which went nicely with songs like “Hell’s Bells” and “Highway to Hell.”

Rosie is a certainly a pagan avatar.

I had a blast. But the pro-white observer in me could not help but play field anthropologist at the same time. Here I was, in the thick of thousands of whites, all communing, if you will, around what was essentially a pagan convergence. The same folks who heaped hatred on Sarah Palin could not have been much more comfortable with this panorama: a sea of white males all thrusting their fists in the air and yelling “oi!”, and the occasional buxom white woman — probably a non-feminist — gyrating with glee.

I am sure that conservative Christian whites would not have approved of much of it. But if we as whites are looking for what works, we should not overlook the “Viking” whites as an element of healthy, vigorous white life. They like the beer, the fighting and the sex. Properly directed, this is what a race on the survival track does.

By “Christians” he really means “law abiding middle class white families.” The Saturday Night/Sunday Morning conflict has never been denied by white Americans who didn’t have middle class pretensions. Pagan on Saturday, Christian on Sunday, hasn’t that been the Real Tradition since the Roman Empire?

In considering it further, I decided that the real function of AC/DC’s music is to whip up whites for war and male fertility. Again, these aren’t bad things for a race declining in numbers and influence across the Western world. And it all operates free from the scrutiny of the SPLC and other “hate hunters”, because it’s just too attenuated from anything explicitly pro-white (this explains why the criticism of “Lord of the Rings” as “racist” wasn’t taken seriously by anyone — though it was certainly accurate).

war and male fertility

It always worked for me, and AC/DC was long past their prime when I was interested in war and male fertility. But I always loved it no matter how very uncool it was. Then my friend who was very educated in Music explained that AC/DC is Scottish folk music and it all made sense.

It’s all my plan for eventual Scottish supremacy, the Invisible Empire of the 21 Century, the New Clan Century. Loose lips, etc.

Anti-racist is a code word for anti-Viking.