Mystery? What mystery?

A former Alabama jail official on the run with a murder suspect she was accused of helping escape shot and killed herself Monday as authorities caught up with the pair after more than a week of searching, officials said. The man she fled with surrendered.

The death of Vicky White, 56, only deepened the mystery of why a respected jail official would leave everything to help free Casey White, 38, a hulking inmate with a violent and frightening history.

There is no mystery here at all. Seems quite straightforward. Remember, sociopaths – our natural elite – are more charismatic and sexier that normal people.

I don’t know if you see me the way I see you
But you held my neck and you said some shit
So I’ve been hoping you do
Spill all your secrets in confidence
Well I’m filing that as evidence
To stall the burn and calm my nerves after I’ve had a few
You’re turning my insides you’re making me sick
But you’re such a god damned pro never really know if you’re faking it
You’re turning my insides you’re making me wish
That I was a better girl, with a steady hand that you wanted to be with

When it’s easy for you then there’s always room for me
But when you got some plans, a place to be
I’m a throw out ad in a magazine
You could do wrong you could do wrong like hundred times
But I’ll always search the scene for ways to rationalize
You’re making my will weak, you fuck with my head
Say you wanted me but you never wanted me, you wanted my hunger instead
You’re making my will weak, this pit in my chest
Told me all about her then you swallowed those words and snuck in my bed

But even if the cops come calling
Said even if the cops come calling
I’ll never talk
Even if you wreck me, even if you waste the youth I’ve got
Baby if the cops come calling
I’ll never talk