“WASP” – “White Anglo-Saxon Protestant” – is slur invented by a left-wing Jew. The purpose was to isolate a very specific group of elite New England and New York Americans – plenty of whom were not particularly “Anglo-Saxon” and even more of whom were, in fact, Catholic.

True – the Ellis Island lower-class Irish, Italian, and Slavic immigrant were mostly Catholic and were poor, not particularly educated, and did not have the folkways of the American elite at the time.

Of course – 90% of real Americans did not have the folkways of the American elite of the time.

But this idea that “Protestant” as opposed to “Catholic” was the defining characteristic of the pre-war American elite is mostly bunkum. Even the Klan’s most fervent anti-Catholicism was based around protecting their communities from mass immigration. There were Catholics in America – and in the elites of America – since the very beginning. No one was objecting to real Americans who were Catholic.

The idea of “anti-Catholic bigotry” which dominated the post-60s discourse was just a typical Jewish Alinsky-style attack – mostly against the non-leftist academics and staff of the Ivy Leagues and other elite universities.

Going after “Christians” would make it too obvious – going after “whites” would not have worked in 1950.

It’s hardly a coincidence that the Jew friendly “dissident right” “movements” (i.e., bloggers) do the same thing.

It’s the “Calvinists at Harvard” – it’s the “Enlightenment” – it’s “liberal WASP” etc.

Then of course cranks like E. Michael Jones kind of shoehorn himself in here.

Remember – to E. Michael Jones, “mestizos” are righteous for preserving their ethnic culture.

Catholic immigrants – Irish, Italian, Polish, Lithuanian – they are righteous for preserving their ethnic culture – even throwing rocks at MLK’s Black activists is A-OK!

But if pre-Ellis Island (i.e, real) Americans do that, it’s “racism.” If Southerners want to preserve their ethnic culture – including their Protestantism – that’s “racist.”

If secular white Americans – who are, in fact, somewhat the progeny of elite uber-liberal Congregationalists, Unitarians, and Episcopalians – want to preserve their ethnic culture, that is bad too.

“Black Legend” originally referred to the Spanish Empire, but “Perfidious Albion” is something similar – every culture is going to have a Black Legend written about them.

Scott Alexander’s post from a decade ago about how “anti-semitism” start was basically a description of how a Black Legend forms. It always starts with very true observations, and then it typically devolves to scapegoating.

The reason this false idea and black legend about “the WASPs” is so prevalent on the fake “dissident right” is because to explain the true nature of the current ruling class would be to confront the powerful, and that takes courage. It takes no courage to make up ridiculous stories about a once-elite group of people to justify disenfranchising them.

The anti-WASP right-wing black legend is of a piece with the larger anti-white narrative – “Slavery” “Native Americans” “Americans were so anti-semitic they wouldn’t bomb the railroads because they wanted Hitler to gas the Jews” etc.