The Daily Show comedian makes the joke that all of the “Journalists” at the press dinner were being super-spreaders. Then they said it wasn’t a joke and a bunch of them got Covid – no one died, or was hospitalized apparently. They had flu-like symptoms for a few days.

Remember Obama’s big birthday party? Only the servants were wearing masks. But the media said it was ok, because these were “sophisticated people” who were all vaccinated, so they couldn’t get Covid.

But all the “journalists” at the press dinner were vaccinated, and they all got Covid.

I know – old news. We’ve moved on to Ukraine.

Oops – nope – it’s the Revenge of the Creationist Evangelicals about to implements a Protestant Theocracy complete with whipping women in public for being a whore then forced into birthing little white Republican babies. Just like that student in Washington State who became a campus star after writing her own rape threat – like jokes, a rape threat can be judged.

Remember the Mini-Social Media Outrage from a couple of years ago. A bar had their chalk sign out front that said, “we like our beer like we like our violence: domestic.”

I guess it was maybe Bill Burr did a whole bit about it: “that jokes has no fat on it, it’s a perfect joke.”

So I nominate this chick’s rape threat. She created a fake Facebook account posing as some frat boy jock, then used this account to post a rape threat on her own Facebook page. Then the entire campus held a Take Back The Night rally and she got to be a featured speaker. She was crying and everything. But the police were called in, and after about ten minutes it was obvious she had made up the whole thing herself.

But you didn’t need to be some sex crimes detective to figure that out. You just had the read the rape threat – like the domestic beer joke, there’s no fat, it is precise:

“I’m going to rape the feminist out of you and turn you into a good republican bitch.”

She was probably flicking her bean while writing it of course – I’ve read a lot of women’s erotica, and this is a very well crafted sentence, a well crafted bit of dialog. I’d suggest that would work as the climax part.

As a straight white man – but not a rich one unfortunately – I love free speech. Other than the blog I’m not really much for social media, but I do remember the old days of Twitter when people would send those “gas chamber” memes and say that after Trump wins the election they were going to gas all of the “journalists.” And since a lot of “journalists” are Jews, they would of course go into dramatic hysterics – drag queen level acting – “oy vey it’s Hitler all over again! This Twitter is worse than Auscwich!”

Now apparently that certifiable nutcase they put in charge of MiniTrue is bitching because people are posting pictures of empty egg cartons on Twitter, because she is “over 30” and doesn’t have children.

All of this is obviously true – the gas chambers are meant to mock Jews, and the egg cartons are meant to mock cat ladies like this chick.

And all of the women that say sexist misogynists men are incels with small penises? That is because they are, in fact, sexist misogynists with small penises.

It’s funny because it’s true.

People believed 9/11 – a farce of a story, something a ten year old would think up, with GI Joe and Osama-Bin Cobra Commander, complete with cartoon drawings of Al Qaeda’s Underground Mountain Bases.

People believed the Covid Narrative and most people lined up for injections that were proven by Science © to be safe and effective and far superior to horse paste. While the injections do not prevent infection, nor do they prevent spreading the disease, nor do they prevent a serious case of Covid, they do slightly reduce the most serious symptoms in about .02 of cases according to one or two studies.

You believed that, you believed Syria Gassed His Own People, you believe in pretty much anything they tell you.

Then, you immediately forget and move on to whatever new thing they come up with.