I wasn’t joking:


This may seem counter-intuitive to you because you’re in the LGBT/Trad binary. As a Trans-Political, I Break The Binary!

The basic conceit of an American Progressive:

“Throughout all of human history, LGBT were misunderstood and discriminated against, until the year I was a freshman in college. That year, we figured out the correct way to understand LGBT and now we must bring LGBT Liberation to every culture on earth.”

(A variation of this narrative is that “before Christian Patriarchy” everyone was frolicking in a Bisexual Orgy Paradise where there were No Judgements, No Shame – and Magical Women Witches had All-Natural Herbs they used as birth control – then the Racist White Christians showed up and Oppressed Jews, Women, Blacks, and Gays.)

Michael Tracey, seemingly a traditional liberal increasingly alienated from the Establishment Corporate Left, discovered a smear about him from a “Queer Journalist” writing in Foreign Affairs.

I only just found out that on April 12, this highly prestigious journal ran an article that accuses me of participating in a “Russian disinformation operation.” … The journalist who wrote the article is someone named Justin Ling. … And his latest foray into “freelance investigative journalism” apparently entailed scrolling through my Twitter feed. Which you may notice often seems like the main activity of this new breed of journalist; the ones who, like Ling, hold themselves out as seasoned, world-wise “misinformation” debunkers. They really love sitting around on Twitter, waiting to exclaim that a harmful new “conspiracy theory” has emerged.

Of course, the “QAnon Conspiracy Theory Disinformation” is actually just people quoting US State Department official Victoria Nuland’s testimony before Congress, which was broadcast on international TV that lots of people watched – and is still available on Youtube.

But it is still a “QAnon conspiracy theory” if you quote her. It is not a “QAnon conspiracy theory” if she is quoted by an officially-licensed Journalist ©.

Ling identifies as a “queer journalist,” whatever that means exactly, and part of his coverage of the war in Ukraine has been to convene a “panel of queer Ukrainians.” During that panel, Ling said: “I’ve spent a little time in Kiev myself. I’m looking forward to going back someday soon. I have to confess, Kiev has maybe some of the most fierce drag queens I’ve ever seen in my life.”

It really, really has to be noted how ideological all of this is.

It is – well, it WAS, who knows now – Official Doctrine that there are two “sexual orientations” – heterosexual and homosexual – and these “sexual orientations” are biologically determined in the womb.

Of course, “bisexual” was a complicating factor, but no problem. Any “bisexual” man is just a “homosexual” in denial. Except in prison, that doesn’t count, because, er, tops and bottoms …. anyway. “Bisexual” women are … oh, shit, this one is a little bit more complicated. OK, so there is “bisexual” like just doing it for your boyfriend, which doesn’t count. Then there is “lesbian until graduation” then there is a “Lesbian who gives into heteronormative social pressures and gets married and has children and engages in lots of PIV sex which is rape…”

OK, but you can turn from heterosexual to homosexual, but you can’t turn homosexual to heterosexual, because that is “conversion therapy.” But you can convert from male to female, or female to male, or gendered to non-binary. That is not “conversion therapy.” And you can have a Repressed Homophobe “liberated” from heterosexual to homosexual, but not the other way around. Except with women, or People Of Vagina. Look it is complicated ok? Well, it is not complicated – we are correct and good, and you are all hateful racist homophobic Republican pieces of shit!

Let’s just move on.

OK so then there are Transwomen, who are were assigned the wrong gender at birth. So someone like Caitlyn Jenner spent the first 45 years of her life as a man – and a pretty macho, manly man, an Olympic athlete – but then realized he was always a woman.

So now he is a Lesbian in a Man’s Body – which used to be a joke we would make when we were in junior high school and learned what a “lesbian” was – but it is not a joke, it’s totally for reals.

And these Lesbian women with penises say it is very transphobic for a lesbian to not want to perform fellatio on her female penis. No – this is NOT a weird but hardly unheard of cross-dressing kink, it is a Woman’s Soul in a Man’s Body – totally not a religious thing either.

The point is – right now there are Drag Queens in Ukraine being Oppressed by Adolph Putin and his Russian Nazis (not the Ukrainian Nazis which are Queer-Friendly.)

So the point is, the Iranian autocrat says they don’t have any “gays” in Iran. We know that is not true. So what we can do is send some Queer Journalists into Iran, identify all the homosexuals, and then if they won’t help us overthrow the Homophobic Iranian regime, we’ll out them in the newspapers, like we do to Republican closet cases. This is called “Sexual Liberation and Human Rights.”

But more importantly, there is this guy Michael Tracey – and Glenn Greenwald, a traitor to Queerness – that are quoting State Department officials about biolabs without authorization.

Thus – QAnon Russian Homophobic Disinformation.

“Queer” is a new Clergy, simple as that, and priesthoods and clergy have always had a very ambiguous relationship to sexuality and even “gender.” To this day a lot of them wear dresses and hats, like a woman.

Of course none of us have to believe in the Queer religion. We have Freedom of Religion in America. Just Say No To Queer.