Of all the public intellectuals, there is Kevin MacDonald and people associated with him, like Andrew Joyce and others, who are important and relevant. There is the mainstream right-leaners, like VDare, Jared Taylor, and Steve Sailer, all good intelligent commentary but not necessarily academic, which is important.

Greg Johnson writing on “the Movement” in his Manifesto and the like, is good, but it is too ideological and abstract. At the end of the day, it is subculturalism and little more. It can affect the intelligentsia, which is its purpose, but whether it is in fact effective can be answered elsewhere.

Curtis Yarvin is the most relevant, because he articulates a specific Elite Agenda, he has money and media behind him – like the King of All Media, Tucker Carlson, who gives Yarvin a platform – although the worst platform he could have. Great writer, terrible speaker – he can’t even do an interview. He’s uniformly awful – and he even cries during interviews. Not TV material.

But he’s a fantastic writer.

Yarvin is worth paying attention to because he is in fact your enemy, and he is a dangerous enemy, a front for a very sinister cabal.

Pillarization: the groove of the wedge


Any regular readers know that this is, in fact, a special interest of mine. Yarvin is pointing to a specific expression of it:



As the New Right – whether it is Peter Thiel, Curtis Yarvin, and the Claremont Cabal, Richard Spencer’s Alt-Right, or the subcultural “WN/NS” of the Counter-Currents, etc., crowd – always keep in mind that all of these people are non-American, and anti-American.

They are not the American Right. They are foreigners taking over America and trying to impose their foreign ideologies on Americans.

In America, because of a) Protestantism b) the First Amendment Freedom of Religion, we always had a civic form of Dutch Pillarization. It was called “denominations.”

The Civic Sphere was dominated by the various Protestant denominations – and in America, the Roman Catholic Church was always just another denomination. They were the largest denomination, but all the Protestants added together were more numerous, which was a check on the power of both.

Weddings, births, sexual morality, even – importantly – certain class and status systems – were based on your denomination. The federal government was forbidden to involve themselves at all with anything religious or any religious denomination.

Some of the states had an Established Church but that did not last long, nor did any official Denomination ever have the power to suppress others like they had in Europe. This was something uniquely American.

Yarvin is right about a lot of things, but his agenda is, in fact, quite sinister and you should not trust him. We don’t need his foreign ideology, we need to simply update Americanism for the new realities.

Getting Yarvin’s Blue Tribe out of the religion business would be a good start.