This phrase used to be a prochoice slogan but now that it is transphobic to say that men can’t get pregnant who knows what the new rules are?

The claim isn’t exactly wrong, isn’t it?

If I were a Democrat, I would drop this loser talking point:

“Republicans only care when a baby in unborn because as soon as its born they won’t give them Health Care ©!

“Health Care ©” is a meaningless Leftist phrase. Like “climate change” it is supposed to evoke some sort of Universalism that is obvious on its face. I knew a Democrat, who fit most of the stereotypes, and she was convinced that “the Government” – some sort of Universal thing out there somewhere – should pay for women’s (i.e., her) tampons because it is unfair that women have this extra thing, their periods, that they have to pay for and men don’t. Therefore, “the Government” should give women free tampons to sort of “even out the score.”

She was quite serious about this and brought up her idea more than a few times.

So when Democrats say “Health Care ©” it is meaningless, it means, “I don’t want to pay for some prescription drug I take.” Everyone in America has “health care” that compared to anywhere else in the world, and at any point in the history of mankind, is gold-plated.

But they sure aren’t wrong about the “hypocrisy” of prolifers, especially the men, talking about the “sanctity of life.”

Since when has any man ever given two shits about the “sanctity of life?” Men love violence, and ending life is to masculinity what giving life is to femininity.

I would have to take my shoes off to count the number of times I’ve listened to the same man say both “killing an unborn baby should be illegal” and “we should nuke their whole fucking country off the map” – obviously, to include all of the unborn babies and their pregnant mothers.

Men love killing, why are they so concerned about abortion?

If I were a woman, of course I would want complete control over my own “reproductive system” and I would probably kill, with extreme prejudice, the embryo/fetus/baby of a rapist in my womb – or, frankly, maybe even just that of a boyfriend that I dumped because he wasn’t as “confident” as I originally thought he was.

Some religious people like to say that women feel guilt over having an abortion. This is undoubtedly true. But women also feel guilty over not having an abortion. Women feel guilty for eating too much ice cream. They feel guilty for orgasming too loudly. They feel guilty for being too slutty, or not slutty enough.

Women love to feel.

Once back when I was young enough it wasn’t creepy, I was trying to get in the pants of this one young gal, just turned 21. She was into a certain physical activity that many women in her demographic are into and one that has a certain amount of class appeal, as well as a reputation among men for giving a woman an incredibly sexy body.

I was trying so hard to entertain her, but she just seemed bored. Typically I’d tell some jokes, do a little dance, maybe some “kino” maybe something “macho” or “confident” but nothing was working.

Then I remembered a “trick” I learned. Instead of asking her, “what do you think about this or that,” I asked her, “how do you feel when you do your hobby?”

It was liking turning on a faucet. I didn’t have to entertain her for the rest of the night, she carried the conversation from then on, telling me all about how she felt doing this activity, and that would spill out to her telling me how she felt about all sorts of things, from dancing to her mother.

It was like magic. By the end of the night she thought I was the best conversationalist ever and I had barely said a word. It was a happy night for both of us.

But the point is, women have a lot of feelings, and they can go from one feeling to another quite quickly. They can feel both happy and sad at the same time.

Men are, of course, capable of all of these things too, but men really are different, aren’t they? These differences are based in biology, and they are reinforced by society. Societies that try to repress, as opposed to direct, these biological realities simply fail, societies that incentivize the prosocial aspects of people’s inherent biological natures survive. It really is that simple.

The Left is of course completely correct that prolife is all about “controlling” – but it is not exactly a “woman’s sexuality” that is being controlled. No one is counting women’s orgasms. Despite the rather hilarious and self-revealing tripe they write in women’s magazines, men are not, in fact, “intimidated” or “anxious” about women’s sexuality.

It is, of course, about protecting the “nuclear family” as the basic unit of society.

Western “individualism” has always simply meant that elite men were given the latitude by their peers to dissent and to compete. The “individual” man always included his wife, his children, his mistresses, and his slaves.

The idea that women and children and slaves also “be treated as individuals” just means expanding the circle of diplomacy, because at no point was any elite man in any system actually “an individual” and they always relied on their peers – no Individual has ever beaten an Army.

Just like every generation of teenagers think they discovered sex, every young woman who starts to notice all the men staring at her body thinks she is the first to come up with a really clever little scheme that no one else thought of … she could use her sexuality to, like, get stuff from men! Not just attention, but even, like, money! Naughty!

The Claremont article posted previously, “The Secret Is Crime,” illustrates the three tiered nature of society.

At the bottom are the dumb criminals. In the middle are the productive workers. And all the top are the smart criminals.

The smart criminals at the top and the dumb criminals at the bottom all engage in the same criminal activities. The smart criminals wind up living in mansions with harems of young women, and the dumb criminals wind up living in prison with no women at all.

But it is always important to remember that both the top, and the bottom, levels are, in fact, criminals.

Aristocratic women are prostitutes just as lumpenprole women are prostitutes. It is middle class women who are not prostitutes, they are mothers. It is the “nuclear family” that gives them that status.

The recent Supreme Court thing – we’re already seeing “both sides” resort to every single argument that misses the entire point.

Right-wing male trolls are talking about “sluts” and left-wing female trolls are screeching about their “bodies.”

Neither “side” gives a shit about “unborn babies” because no one gives a shit about “human life” in the slightest bit, except for the people they personally know.

Democrats putting up a Ukraine flag on their social media profile do not know, nor do they care, about Ukrainian or Russian Lives.

Both “sides” were lying through their teeth in 2020 – black lives do not matter one bit, and in fact, no lives matter at all.

On the one hand, it would dishonor my dearly departed mother to ever support the murder of an unborn child in the womb, so I am not going to do that.

On the other hand, my anti-government libertarian instincts make me extremely wary of having any government enforcement of something like child birth.

So I’m not going to take a side.

Instead I’m going to back up a little bit.

If the Supreme Court overturns all the various cases that imposed certain abortion laws on the states, and the several states decide to either allow or prohibit abortions in various ways, we’re likely to see an increase in the Great Sort as certain types move to certain states and others move to others states.

This makes the occupation regime weaker, so I support that.

Steve Sailer has for years been predicting that they will move to make polygamy legal.

I think he is wrong. Polygamy – pretty much the natural state of humanity – is already more or less “legal” although everyone has to go through these fictions of “divorce” and “alimony” and “child support” which, frankly, just makes it harder on older women.

The legal and social privileges that were available to middle class women that gave them a class that was neither high end prostitute nor low-end streetwalker are going away.

In the era of #MeToo we see that the old civil laws are being replaced by simple torts – i.e., payoffs.

And in the Internet era, we’ve gotten to get a glimpse behind the curtain – how the Elite really live – and the Elite love to use our girls and women – i.e. “working and middle class white American teenage girls” – as their Prostitute class.

Because they are the best looking.

As the middle class gets proletarianized this prostitution will become more and more formalized, and it won’t be under the jurisdiction of criminal or civil law, but tort law, i.e., monetary payments.

The only class of people who can ever have a purposeful impact on society are men; only men, through their will, can change social structures. Women can react to those changes, and they do, and women obviously, as half of humanity, and the ones that create new humans, have a major impact on social structures.

But women are reactionary in this; men – even lower class men – have the potential to be proactive instead of reactionary.

The “strategy” – as always – is passivism.

You would have to be insane to get into “political activism” – like hanging out with “Nazis” like Richard Spencer or Mike Enoch – or standing in front of an abortion clinic holding up a sign about babies.

Frankly, you are kind of insane to even vote, except to always vote against immigration, higher taxes and government expansion, as a defensive move.

If I could give advice to a young white man I would tell him this:

  1. Buy real estate.
  2. Join a gang of your peers.
  3. Find a high school girl, a virgin, move her on to your property and knock her up.
  4. Find a second high school girl, rinse and repeat as often as you can.
  5. Never give a moment’s thought to anyone except for your fellow gang members and your own sister-wives.
  6. As soon as your daughters are in high school, arrange for them to be married to a member of your gang, or his son.

Be honest – you don’t give a shit about an unborn baby in some stranger’s womb.

But always make your women – women, plural – know that you care very much about your unborn baby in her womb.

The white middle class is disappearing, so you will see the girls and women of the formerly middle class being pimped out more and more openly.

You cannot stop this process, don’t even try – and don’t even mourn it. If you are taking the time to mock the new class of prostitutes, all you are really signaling is you can’t afford one wife, much less a couple.

I can assure you – once the class illusions of 20th Century America fade away, a lot of good white women will be lining up to join the New Patriarchy because smart women know that prostitutes have, at best, ten years.

And while all women fantasize about being the desired concubine of a king – most prostitutes wind up blowing truckers in a parking lot. It’s only glamorous in the movies.

All women have the potential to be a prostitute or a wife – and they will want to choose which ones gives them the most advantages depending on their situation.

Every man has the potential to be a Patriarch, or a John.

The anti-whites are wrong. It is not “white fragility” – it is “white arrogant universalism.”

White men – and women – really do believe that they are the Standard by which all humanity must be judged.

So no white woman can say, “I’d never kill my baby” – they have to say, “no one should kill their baby!”

Just like no white woman can say, “women can be housewives if they want” – they have to say “marriage is an oppressive institution and must be destroyed.”

No white man can say “only I get to fuck my wife.”

No, the white man has to say, “women are sluts unless they act this way or that.”

As a die-hard Calvinist, I believe in the total depravity of man. Men are just animals, chimpanzees with big brains.

So just start from that premise, and anything good you can get out of your short life on earth – hey, you’re ahead. You should be thankful.

Do you know many mothers and children died in childbirth throughout history?

If you get a child that reaches adulthood – be thankful, the majority of men throughout history never got that.

Once you understand your true starting point, there is really no where to go but up.

And knowing that is true Liberation ©

It seems years since you held the baby
While I wrecked the bedroom
You said it was dangerous after Sunday
And I knew you loved me
He thinks I just became famous
And that’s what messed me up
But he’s wrong
How could I possibly know what I want
When I was only twenty-one?
And there’s millions of people
To offer advice and say how I should be
But they’re twisted
And they will never be any influence on me
But you will always be
You will always be

If I treated you mean
I really didn’t mean to
But you know how it is
And how a pregnancy can change you

I see plenty of clothes that I like
But I won’t go anywhere nice for a while
All I want to do is just sit here
And write it all down and rest for a while
I can’t bear to be in another city
One where you are not
I would return to nothing without you
If I’m your girlfriend or not

Maybe I was mean
But I really don’t think so
You asked if I’m scared
And I said so

Everyone can see what’s going on
They laugh ’cause they know they’re untouchable
Not because what I said was wrong
Whatever it may bring
I will live by my own policies
I will sleep with a clear conscience
I will sleep in peace

Maybe it sounds mean
But I really don’t think so
You asked for the truth and I told you

Through their own words
They will be exposed
They’ve got a solid case of
The emperor’s new clothes
The emperor’s new clothes
The emperor’s new clothes
The emperor’s new clothes