Let’s see, one of the most high profile politicians in the United States, as of now, is Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Google and Facebook are the Mainstream Media of 2022. No one reads newspapers anymore, and no one watches ABC, CBS, or NBC TV stations anymore. Most people don’t even have broadcast TV anymore.

If it is not on Google or Facebook, it is not “mainstream” according to the Ministry of Truth.

So who does Google choose to broadcast when it comes to stories about one of America’s most high profile politicians, Governor Ron Desantis?

News.Google.com – Ron DeSantis

AP story about the Press Dinner comedians, and the New York Post’s version.

The Washington Post’s editorial “A conservative Christian quietly battles against the culture warring of Ron DeSantis and JD Vance.”

And that conservative Christian?

Albert Einstein.

Wait, no, David French.

The real lie in the headline is “quietly” – David French, literally a nobody, was elevated to a regular character on the Democrat blogs because he writes articles about why “Christians” can’t vote for Donald Trump and in fact liberal Democrats are the true followers of Jesus.

It is straight out of the meme, “I hate you Christians but if I tell you Jesus says vote Democrat you have to do it!”

David French hasn’t done anything “quietly” he is literally a churner out of Democrat party puff pieces in the era of Trump. No one takes him seriously – not even David French.

Then of course the idea is that it is Ron DeSantis who is fighting a “culture war.” The Democrats were just hanging around trying to give everyone Health Care © and then Ron DeSantis shows up and says, “Let’s Electrocute Trans Children” and all the Evil Fly Over Country Christian Racist White Supremacist Goyim said “Zap away guv’nuh!”

Remember – a lot of Democratic party rhetoric is what the Red Scare podcast woman called “self-abnegating.” They want to feel “oppressed” – they do, in fact, “feel oppressed” and the media is there to feed their fantasies and fears about “oppression.”

The Washington Post used to be an establishment liberal newspaper.

Now the people behind Amazon have just bought the URL “WashingtonPost.com” and use it to post the same Democrat propaganda pieces that make up the rest of the front page of Google. Do they even have a print edition anymore?

Don’t they use WordPress? You know, WordPress, the free blogging software that everyone uses.

Then, the New York Times – also a WordPress blog I think – has this article:

“Ron DeSantis and Other Republicans Desecrate What Their Party Long Championed”

So it is the same thing as the bit about David French. “You Republicans are not living up to your conservative ideals that we despise anyway!”

Republicans should just say, “we’re not hypocrites, we just have chutzpah!” Then when the Democrats complain, call them anti-semite Jew haters. It always worked on Republicans.

Politico – which seems to be positioned as a more “objective” WordPress blog, has “‘DeSantis Seems Unstoppable’: Florida Dems worry they can’t beat the governor.”

Notice they are giving publicity to Democrats. They aren’t letting DeSantis and his fans have their say. No, they are giving Florida Democrats free publicity to tell their fellow Democrats elsewhere that they are in trouble and Democrats better do this, that, or the other.

Just like how the entire Google/Facebook media wouldn’t call the Florida Bill by its name, “The Parental Rights In Education Act.”

No, they always, 100% of the time, used the Democratic party propaganda phrase, “Don’t Say Gay” – and then to give themselves a fig leaf would use the specific phrasing, “what opponents have dubbed…”

Google does not allow anything even close to conservative or “right-wing” or even very pro-Republican on their front page. Except FOX, which is about as Republican as Liz Cheney.

Liz Cheney is the most “pro-Republican” that the Google/Facebook media doesn’t call “far-right extremist.”

Google and Facebook are to Democrat propaganda what Mindgeek is to pornography.

You could spend all your time playing whack-a-mole with “BangChicks.com” and “FreakoKink.net” and the billion other variations.

But they are all owned by MindGeek. It is all one big cabal with multiple brands. So to get at them you go to the source, not the fronts.

Which is how the “Establishment Media” works.

It is Google and Facebook, and all the rest of the URLs – Wapo.com, nyt.com – are just brands, particular variations of Democratic party propaganda.

Twitter is a sideshow by comparison. CIA had Elon Musk take it over because – as the entire “Intelligence Community” announced the week before Elon Musk did – centralized control of Twitter is a national security concern, because of international politics.

The California Democratic party, which controls Google, Facebook, and Twitter, were making the Twitter platform less effective for the National Security state because they were ruining the platform by banning anyone who deviated from the furthest of the far-left of the California Democratic party.

The day Donald Trump was elected the CEO of Google promised to never let it happen again, a promise he kept.

If the Republicans are going to win, they have to take on the California Democratic party, which is controlled by the management of Google and Facebook.

There will not be another CIA billionaire front man like Elon Musk to save you from Google and Facebook censors.

But that does not mean that Google and Facebook cannot be defeated.

We’ll just have to use a different strategy.