A lot of people will say that Wikipedia is slanted.

Which it is, astonishingly so. The most far-left fringe websites, like Salon.com or Slate.com, are considered “reliable sources” that cannot be questioned, while a mainstream news outlet like FOX is considered “unreliable.”

Wikipedia is controlled by Democrats. Even the founder of Wikipedia said you can’t trust it because of the bias of the people who control it now.

But it really hardly matters. The most important things are never really hidden. Typically, they are simply taboo to notice.

Those who have decided that it is time to break the “Jewish Zionist” taboo in America – before these nutjobs like Biden’s Democrat Secretary of State Antony Blinken get us all killed in their new World War III – have long said “just check early life.”

Once you read a few dozen entries, you learn the “code” of Wikipedia.

Typically if they don’t want their Jewishness noticed, it will simply be left out, or if it can’t be, they will say something like “grew up in Jewish family.”

Even as they are raising their children “as Jews” they won’t be called “Jewish” – and their kids will be then listed as “having grown up in a Jewish family.”

It’s kind of hilarious if you think out it. Again, none of this is really a “secret” it’s just taboo.

Here is one thing that isn’t a big secret anymore.

“Peace Corp” = “CIA.”

So the CEO of Netflix “drops out” of Marine School to join the Peace Corp and travels around Africa “building schools” which he said taught him everything he needed to know to start the number one Mass Media Global Propaganda channel of the Internet Age.

When you read stuff like that in Wikipedia, it’s pretty obvious what it means, but of course you can’t “prove it” so therefore – the theory goes – if you ever say the obvious, that is a “conspiracy theory.”

That is how the taboo works.

So let’s just read Wikipedia.


The Daily Beast is an American news website focused on politics, media, and pop culture, founded in 2008.

It has been characterized as a “high-end tabloid” by Noah Shachtman, the site’s editor-in-chief from 2018 to 2021.

OK, right off the bat. Notice it is not “self-described” or “claimed to be” a “high-end tabloid.”

No, they just quote the editor-in-chief’s own description of his own company and that is “reliable.”

Go read Kevin MacDonald’s Wikipedia entry for the opposite treatment …

In a 2015 interview, former editor-in-chief John Avlon described the Beast’s editorial approach: “We seek out scoops, scandals, and stories about secret worlds; we love confronting bullies, bigots, and hypocrites.”

Of course all one needs to do is read The Daily Beast, any day it is all the same, and you will realize “bullies, bigots and hypocrites” means “people who are not Democrats.”

Especially Republicans, especially conservatives, and especially Christians.

That is what they mean by “hypocrites” – they mean “Christians.”

So Jerry Falwell Jr. was a “hypocrite” for being a Republican. But The Daily Beast has never called a Jew a “hypocrite” – if anything a Jew who isn’t a Democrat is actually a “self-hating Jew” who associates with “anti-semites.”

So at the end of the day, The Daily Beast is just another Democrat blog.

A Democrat blog that traffics in sexual blackmail of Republican politicians.

Isn’t it interesting that The Daily Beast was really on the story of Matt Gaetz and Joel Greenberg, but once it came out that Matt Gaetz’s family was being blackmailed and extorted by the Israeli Mossad the Daily Beast dropped the scandal?

You’ll notice the Daily Beast has lots of nasty coverage of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, but apparently his open collaboration with the intelligence agency of a foreign state – said to be the “most aggressive” operating in America – Daily Beast doesn’t seem to see that as a scandal.

Maybe it is because the editor-in-chief, Noah Shachtman, is himself “Jewish” and a Zionist partisan of the occupation regime in Palestine?

Born to a Jewish family, Shachtman graduated from Georgetown University and attended the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


Well what do you know, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Maybe Noah Shachtman got recruited while in occupied Palestine? Or maybe he really was always loyal to “Israel” wherever the state might be located at any point in history?

Do you think that Shachtman’s college buddies from Israel called him up and said, “hey ix-nay on the Gaetz-Greenberg child sex trafficking scandal, you’re going to blow our op!”

Or did Noah Shachtman just know – he knew once it came out that Gaetz was being blackmailed by Israel, and they wanted him in Congress as a close associate of their Presidential candidate, Ron DeSantis?

I’m sure Noah Shachtman is a very intelligent man. No one had to tell him. He simply observed the situation and chose “what is good for the Jews?”

Not “America” obviously.

Now if you read the Wiki pages for Noah Shachtman and his partner, John Avalon …


I don’t think John Avalon in Jewish.

But he is so very much concerned for “the Jewish people” and especially “anti-semitic extremism” – because of Israel’s favorite President ever, Donald Trump of course – that he started his own TV show on CNN with the “Museum of Jewish Heritage.”

I certainly don’t think he is Jewish. In fact, get a load of his wife! Not only is she drop dead gorgeous, she is basically Republican Party Royalty!


She worked for George W. Bush, no less!

It’s amazing, isn’t it?

The far-left anti-Republican scandal sheet The Daily Beast was started by a CIA spook that is married to President Herbert Hoover’s great-granddaughter and is partners with a Mossad agent.

Pretty amazing for a “high-end tabloid” that is basically a “private” espionage operation that spies on Republicans, conservatives, and Christians in order to publicize any sexual scandals they might dig up, huh?

Unless, of course, the Israelis are running the sexual blackmail operations.

Then, for whatever reason, The Daily Beast shuts up quick like.

Again – there are really no “secrets” here. It’s all pretty much right out in the open.

It’s just taboo to discuss.