Nine months ago I was discussing “occulted right-wing sexuality” and people thought I was just being melodramatic and weird.

But here you go. In the new Puff Piece about Curtis Yarvin, Peter Thiel, Elon Musk and the “Neo-Reaction” at the Jewish magazine Vanity Fair …

They mention Jeff Sharlitt. Note that Jeff Sharlitt’s smears were never retracted. But you aren’t going to see any puff pieces about the young Christian men at the Family that Sharlett smeared a decade ago.

But the young JEWISH “downtown Manhattan crowd” – self described “trust fund kids” – they get a puff piece.

Why? Well it is all quite obvious.



The fact that the Jews in NRx pretend to be “conservative right wing” and the Jews at Vanity Fair pretend to be “liberal left wing” is just marketing.

Honestly I always thought that Yarvin was trolling people by literally, not figuratively, writing a modern version of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion – complete with a Jewish Monarch no less, literally the Anti-Christ – I thought he was trolling. I thought he was just daring someone to say something.

But no, apparently they are quite serious.

And the Jewish family that owns Vanity Fair – of course they are openly Zionist – they are writing puff pieces about this new Jewish Movement.

Ten years ago they were smeared in the press.

But now that Peter Thiel’s Paypal Mafia buddy Elon Musk owns Twitter – and all of the “journalists” at Vanity Fair need their Twitter accounts to pay the bills – it looks like open Judeo-Fascism is now perfectly okay with the liberal Democrats who are always whining about the “threat to our democracy.”

And yes – Curtis Yarvin married a … I am not making this up, I could not make this up … a BDSM activist.

You people still think I’m just making this shit up? You still think I’m just some crazy paranoid guy talking about crazy shit?

As Nicole Kidman said in Eyes Wide Shut, if you men only knew…

All of the craziest Satanic Panic QAnon Lizard people conspiracy theories are false – but they are only false because they misunderstand the nature of the ruling class.

The ruling class are sociopaths and sado-mascochists.

Just look who runs your CIA – look who runs your intelligence agencies.

The reason why you wife likes to read those raunchy 50 Shades of Grey books? It is because your wife’s sexuality is zeroed right to power – Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac.

And women – see the Red Scare podcast about just this article from yesterday – are the most pragmatic. The feminists are not exactly wrong about “patriarchy.” What’s the number one Hollywood movie right now? It’s about Viking sex slavers.

Our ruling class thought that Caligula wasn’t violent and kinky enough.

So you are going to love it when Gitmo Rules comes to domestic America. They already have.

When you finally expire after the torture sessions, at least you’ll be hard as a rock.