I never pretended to be anything other than I am, a pretty standard issue libtard.

The first time I voted it was for Ralph Nader running for the Green party, and I voted for him because of his protectionist trade policies and good government ideas.

I haven’t really changed my opinions much, but now the Democrats want to call me some sort of “right-winger” but according to the mainstream of the Democratic party if you identify as your own biological sex you are Basically Hitler.

I didn’t even vote for Trump, FFS.

That is how insane the Democratic party and all of its connected organizations and social “tribes” have become. The self-identified “progressives” have become totalitarian, tyrannical, intolerant hateful monsters crying out as they strike you. They always complain that America doesn’t have a “real Left” but they are the Real Left. That is them, and this is what the “Real Left” supports.

If I didn’t assume he was a kiddie-diddler being blackmailed by the intelligence agency of a foreign state, I’d probably vote for DeSantis whose politics are slightly to the left of Bill Clinton’s.