Joel Kotkin has “platformed” with numerous people that I would get banned for even mentioning. A member of the Claremont Cabal, one might think he would be considered a “far-right religious nut” by the uber-left Daily Beast.

But no, instead, the far-left Daily Beat is highlighting Joel Kotkin, the ultra-right-wing Alt Right Neo-Reactionary.

How can this be?

What the hell is going on?

Oh right – they are all Zionist Jews. Right-wing, left-wing, makes zero difference. It is Team Jew Israel. Israel First.

If Joel Kotkin said what he says but from a Christian perspective, he would be E. Michael Jones and the Anti-Defamation League – and the Daily Beast – would call him “hate speech extremist fundamentalist nazi.”

But since he is an ultra-Zionist right-wing Jew, literally an agent for the foreign country of Israel, the “progressive” Jews at the Daily Beast – who never met a conservative Christian they wouldn’t smear six ways to sabbath – have nothing but kind words for right-wing Alt-Right Zionist Jew Joel Kotkin.

They called Curtis Yarvin a “fascist” because he is only half-Jewish, on his Dad’s side, which means the Jewish Far-Left that controls Daily Beast don’t think he’s “fully a Jew” so his “goy” side can be “fascist.”

But Joel Kotkin, the far-right-wing neo-reactionary fascist zionist Jew, is A-OK for the Jewish Zionist Far-Left at the Daily Beast.

Everyone knows why, you just aren’t supposed to say it.