Hindsight is 20/20. The problem with America is that 90% of the people in America are still living in the Plato’s Cave of mid-20th Century mass electronic media.

Every time you read one of these white boys bitching about all the black people in commercials, what he is really bitching about is that the TV shows used to cater to him, now the TV shows cater to other people.

When the Right – the Dissident Right of the Claremont Cabal and the White National Right of the Federal Bureau of Investigations – uses the words “we” and “us” and even “America” what they really mean is “the imaginary world I believed in because I spent a lot of time watching mass electronic broadcasts from ABC, CBS and NBC.”

Otherwise serious people complain about how nice and white and wholesome the Andy Griffith show was. These are slaves reminiscing about when their cognitive chains fit more comfortably.

“Queer Theory” was invented as a backlash to the so-called “Satanic Panic.” Says so right on the label. Americans were in the middle of a “pedophile panic” and just didn’t understand that Hollywood sexualizing pre-teens was art, not pornography, and after all, weren’t they admitting they were thinking about jailbait Brooke Shields not wearing anything under her Calvin Kleins?

This is the mainstream “conspiracy theory” you are supposed to believe: Harvey Milk, Stonewall, AIDS, Ellen Degeneres, Gay Marriage. The Rainbow Arc of History Bending Toward Justice.

There are three events that are obscured because they don’t fit the mainstream narrative and there have always been two, really even three, strains of this “occult struggle” let’s call it. This is interesting to me because it is a major cultural shift that I witnessed in real time. And, it was predicted – someone told me this was going to happen, and it happened just like this person said it would. Which is really quite interesting, to me at least.

One event – covered up by the Queers but remembered by the Christians – is repeating itself right this very minute with the so called “Terf vs. Trans” Civil War in the LGBT Coalition. That event was the LGBT Pride parade in Los Angeles in the early 1980s. A legendary “activist” in the Jewish, Queer, and Communist movements, Harry Hay, was named to be the Grand Marshall of the parade. Harry Hay, in a calculated attack on the “politically correct” side of the emerging LGBT Coalition, wore a shirt with the slogan “NAMBLA Walks With Me.”

NAMBLA – as in that NAMBLA – the National Man Boy Love Association, America’s only openly pro-pedophile organization.

They only hint at this in the movie Milk. One of the gag scenes is Harvey Milk trying to get the gay men and the lesbian women to work together. Remember – yes, of course, it is important – Harvey Milk and the leader of the lesbians are Jewish, and they are helping their gay male and lesbian female goyiche kopfs to learn to work together. Before the Jews, you see, gay men were scared of girls.

Look – they wrote this shit, not me. I’m just repeating what they wrote.

What actually happened is that the lesbians said no way we are marching with these same child molester rapists that abused us. One must assume that a whole lot of the gay men in the new LGBT movement weren’t particularly happy about marching next to the men that molested them either.

Plus the serious professionals said, look, we can go mainstream, but not kiddie diddlers. We have to renounce the pedophiles.

The gay men – and the lesbian women too, interestingly – made sure to put a loophole as wide as a truck when it came to “jailbait.”

It was the same unprincipled exception that “straight” people use all the time, let’s admit. Even rather pretty blonde high school teachers if the tabloids stories are to be believed.

That in fact was the hook Gayle Rubin used to invent Queer Theory, and she was all about the “Queer” group that everyone was the most concerned about: homosexual pedophiles.

Do not let them fool you – this was not about “studying the phenomenon” in some scientific and dispassionate manner. No, Queer Theory is a “critical theory” which means it is a political agenda meant to change society.

Says so right on the tin, they never tried to hide it:

Queer Theory: Lens for power

Queer theory is the lens used to explore and challenge how scholars, activists, artistic texts, and the media perpetrate gender- and sex-based binaries, and its goal is to undo hierarchies and fight against social inequalities.

Its goal is not to understand this or that phenomenon, it is to “undo hierarchies and fight against social inequalities.”

They use the term “theory” because they want you to think it has something to do with scientific hypotheses. This isn’t science, it’s 80% bullshit with 20% political propaganda.

This isn’t science, and it isn’t academic study. It is a political agenda, and the “theory” is not a scientific theory, it is a political propaganda line.

And in the specific case of Queer Theory, it is a political propaganda line to make heterosexual non-pedophiles no longer “privileged” in the “Charmed Circle” of sexuality.

Again – says so right on the tin. Any person with a high school level reading comprehension can read it and understand what they are saying. It ain’t physics. It’s not even anthropology.

Understand that this has little to do with homosexuality as the human behavior. “Queer” is not even particularly mainstream among self-identified members of the “Lesbian Community” and it is considered something for “ugly, fat guys” among the self-identified “gay male subculture.”

That is the first occulted event. It was the emergence of a political movement called “LGBT” that was a coalition building exercise among various “sexual minorities.” The core was white gay men and lesbian women in various “gayborhoods” in major cities like New York and Los Angeles.

Why did any of this even happen? Homosexuality is hardly some unknown phenomenon – it is as old as time. And despite what various groups on both the right and the left would have you believe, our grandparents and great-grandparents were, for the most part, neither fanatical gay-bashers, nor innocent naifs, when it came to such things.

In fact, an astonishingly understudied aspect of American history – intimately connected to the rise of the faction that would get the United States into World War I – is the role played by the International Sex Slavery Cartel run by the Hapsburg Dynasty that infiltrated America at least by the Civil War – on the side of the tyrant Lincoln.

Andrea Nolen: Monroe’s Early Medical Women: Counterfeiting and Quack Medicine

Every generation of teenagers think they discovered sex, just like every generation of politically minded young man pays taxes for the first time and thinks he is the first to take the “red-pill” and everyone else is just a “normie.”

The second occulted event is the scandal in the Cold War called the “Lavender Scare” and how that intersected with the medicalization of sexuality.

Again, homosexuality was considered a not particularly common vice that society typically shifted between slightly tolerating or slightly suppressing over time. The scientific medicalization of human sexuality developed various theories about human sexuality, most of them quackery worse than religious superstition, and homosexuality wasn’t really particularly important to anyone until the Lavender scare.

Nolen’s work on the military following prostitutes and the venereal diseases that the military officer corp were always having to deal with puts in context what might have typically happened: once VD – and homosexuality – starting becoming too visible there was a crack down that lasted until people forgot and started to tolerate things again.

But this time the military and social management class had a “scientific” and “medical” view of these things.

The Cambridge Five scandal in British Intelligence made the West realize that the KGB was on to one of the oldest British Empire intel tactics: weaponizing the “gay male networks” in various countries.

In America, the dim witted cousins to the British Empire when it came to “the British System of Intelligence” looked at the homosexual networks, and the new scientific medical research on human sexuality, and decided to fix things.

First, they fired all of the sexual deviants and alcoholics from Federal Service. Then, in their zeal to “fix” things, they started doing secret studies on college students to discover those with “homosexual tendencies” – they already had filters in place in the military, the stories from the Vietnam draft days are legendary, pretending to be gay to get out of the draft became a common joke.

In one university in Florida, the town fathers deputized one political operative to go homo-hunting and caused all sorts of ruckus on campus. This seems to have led to the whole Anita Bryant thing. They decided – for reasons which make no sense seemingly – to push for laws to outlaw “discrimination” by private, religious groups specifically, and specifically aimed at private Christian schools.

It’s hard to come up with an innocent explanation for this factor.

Meanwhile, culturally, in the 80s and 90s “LGBT” went mainstream, and then this totally suppressed thing happened.

Bobby Ray Inman, one time head of NSA and possibly a homosexual himself, became aware of another coming Lavender Scare purge and basically forced all of the half-closeted NSA agents to “come out” to their families and friends so they couldn’t be blackmailed. The old unofficial “gay and lesbian network” in the National Security state became official as “LGBT Employee Group” or whatever.

NSA even stopped asking people about their homosexual experiences apparently.

It was this shift in the National Security State that eventually led to them trying to merge the old British Homo program with the modern concept of “LGBT Rainbow” that has led to “Globo-Homo” – putting the rainbow flags on US embassies and pushing Queerness all around the world.

The third occulted event – you knew it was coming – can be understood by comparing and contrasting two giants of the LGBT movement, the Jewish Harvey Milk and the Christian guy who started the Metropolitan Community Church.

You’ve heard of Milk, they even made a movie about him. You’ve never heard of this guy, I don’t even remember his name, but I saw the documentary. He was some Mississippi redneck, was “initiated” into homosexuality at eight years of age by a twelve year old boy, liked it, got married, had two kids, became a Baptist preacher, his wife caught him with a “muscle magazine” – what passed for homosexual pornography in those days – he admitted he was a homosexual. They got divorced, he moved to Los Angeles, became a “Gay Bear.”

But he was a preacher so he started a Church for gay men and lesbian women called the Metropolitan Community Church. They even performed gay weddings. They all believed in Jesus and decided that being gay wasn’t that big of a deal and were otherwise just another nutty liberal quasi-Protestant church, but slightly less politically correct than the Unitarian Universalists.

They out-liberaled all the other liberal churches by feeding the poor and cleaning up the neighborhoods and the like.

That is what Christians who “struggle with homosexuality” do.

What do Jews who “struggle with homosexuality” do?

Well, they decide YOU are the problem, that you are “torn” because you think that heterosexual families are, and should be, the norm, and you think that child molesters should be sent to prison, if not worse.

That makes you a “fascist” so if they can get your kids to cross-dress and play “Queer” inlschool, then you Christians won’t be so homophobic and “anti-semitic” anymore.

Remember – Critical Theory was started by Jews for the stated purpose of identifying “anti-semites” among “conservative Christians” and “fixing” them.

They could have just started a synagogue for gay Jews. But, no, they decided that the entire sexual culture of “the goyim” must be overturned because it “others” homosexual pedophiles.


If you don’t like it, complain to them. Don’t kill the messenger.

Of course, normal Americans should tell these Jewish Queer Theorists to mind their own business and keep their creepy bullshit out of our schools.

Even better – when the Republicans get into office? How about just cutting the funding of all of these universities paying freaks like Gayle Rubin to write this shit. Why should their Queer Jew religion get taxpayer support?

Some small town wants a Manger Scene for Christmas and these Jews make it a federal case. But in South Carolina, of all places, this Queer Jew Gayle Rubin gets paid tax money to spread this perverted shit to college students?

And now they want to do it to grade schoolers?

“Queer” is a social construct. It’s stupid and they are perverts. Fuck them, you don’t have to listen to them.

Ignore Queer Orders.

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Out all night
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Saving all week for her bedroom party
Dollar for her drink
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Gonna spend my girl money
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