The liberal Democrats of the 80s and 90s were so unbelievably racist that they constantly quoted a very famous line from legendary Republican operative Lee Atwater and – in their zeal to call the majority of voters in fifteen or so states “racist” – not only missed his point, but made it for him.

Lee Atwater was quite clear about how the Republican party got the vote of white Southerners who had traditionally voted for Democrats. He said the Democrats used to go to these people and say, “n word this, no word that” and the Republicans wouldn’t do that. The Republicans would talk about issues that affected their community, and then adopt those issues. What they would not do is make “race” an issue as the Dixiecrats had traditionally done, and something the national Democratic party was engaged in a full civil war over.

The Democrats said that Lee Atwater was using “dog whistles” and that when Republicans say “lower taxes” they really mean “black people.”

And if a Republican says “tough on crime” that means “black people.”

If a Republican says “limited government” that also means “black people.”

So obviously Lee Atwater was correct – the Democrats really do try to win white voters by saying “n word this, n word that” and the Republicans are quite successful when they appeal to issues as opposed to race baiting.

Readers, has it not been quite interesting to see the last five years?

“Our” talking points from five, ten years ago are now the very center of the political conversation. Tucker Carlson uses “our” jokes. “Journalists” writing for The Atlantic spend their entire professional lives reading 4chan posts and making up lurid tales about what “online extremist haters” are talking about. Andrew Anglin has become a center of a multi-national fight over the Internet domain name system.

Tucker Carlson – the King Of All Media – his writers not just read “our” sites, they copy and paste. They have a nice little well oiled system of laundering the talking points.

Tucker Carlson is doing just what Lee Atwater said the Republicans did to win the South. They discussed issues.

Tucker Carlson says everything “we” say – he just won’t say “Jew” or “Israel.”

He did the one time – he said “Fuck the ADL.” I have to admit I was shocked. One thing we can probably assume now is that the Israelis and their Jewish organized crime networks in the US do not have any blackmail material on Tucker Carlson.

I don’t think that Tucker Carlson was hanging out with Matt Gaetz and Joel Greenberg on their “Lolita Yacht” and drugging underage boys and girls with MDMA – a schedule I drug and a felony to posses much less drug underage girls with, by the way. That was what the “top levels of the Florida Republican party” was doing just ten or so years ago.

In our post-Jeffrey Epstein and current Ghislaine Maxwell age, it’s all very apparent that “really loves Israel” is a political code word – a “dog whistle” if you will – for “extremely compromised and blackmailed probably over something unbelievably sick.”

It used to be that the phrase “hiking on the Appalachian Trail” was a little joke that meant “disappeared to a beach side resort with his mistress” because some Republican really did that.

Now, “he’s a big supporter of Israel” means “we don’t know if it is little girls, or little boys, probably both.”

Really – what do you think they have on Lindsey Graham?

It can’t be him just being gay, because that has never been a secret to anyone. It’s just that in the South you don’t go around parading in the streets in your underwear, except in New Orleans on Mardi Gras.

So for Linsdey Graham to love Israel – remember, a tiny little country literally on the other side of the world that wouldn’t be of particular importance otherwise – THAT MUCH, well it must be pretty bad, huh?

Please – don’t be silly and talk about “Christian Zionism.” Does Lindsey Graham seem like a really pious Christian to you? Do you think Lindsey Graham believes in some sort of obscure Gog and Magog thing about the Antichrist or whatever?

Republican voters in the South voted overwhelmingly for Trump who is hardly some sort of Evangelical Christian.

So maybe – just maybe – both the left wing Democratic commenters and the various right wing commenters can stop trying to make this a thing?

It’s not religion.

It’s money – of course. But there is a lot of money out there. It’s something other than just the money.

Remember, Dennis Hastert was the leader of the Republican party for twenty something years and FBI 9/11 whistleblower Sibel Edmonds everyone knew he was molesting little boys – the Turkish intelligence agency owned him, Bill Clinton knew all about it and instead of having him arrested he worked with Hastert, keeping him protected in return for Hastert helping to protect Clinton. Larry Flynt was partnered with Clinton, using his network of prostitutes to get dirt on Republican politicians trying to impeach Clinton.

Matt Gaetz is business as usual.

And who ran the entire sordid affair in Florida for the last thirty years? It’s the Israelis, obviously, Jewish organized crime. Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell – Donald Trump, let’s not mince words here – Alan Dershowitz, the ultra-Zionist lawyer for both Jeffrey Epstein and Donald Trump.

If the Democrats are on their way to losing, we will – and are – seeing massive amounts of Israeli and Jewish money going into Republican candidates.

As we have known since Cynthia McKinney leaked it twenty years ago, the Israelis force every single Congressman to sign a loyalty oath to Israel.

Supposedly Thomas Massey wouldn’t sign it, which is why a Jewish group was attacking him as an “anti-semite” two months ago.

Ron DeSantis is 100% controlled by the Israelis – very first thing he did when he won the election was go to Israel and bring his entire government with him …

… to get their orders, obviously.

It feels weird to see it all spelled out doesn’t it?

But when we said “Israel did 9/11” and talked about a “Zionist occupied government” – it is not a joke. It is consensus reality. It’s just a big taboo.

But obviously things are never static. Trump’s Likudniks are very, very much at odds with the Jewish establishment that runs the Democratic party.

Israel’s future is obviously more with Russia than America.

So it is obvious why there is a pro-Russia faction in the Republican party – especially among the “Based Dissident Right” like all the same right-wing tards that went with the Trump scam last time, frankly.

But here’s the deal: it happened.

The Day of the Pillow arrived.

The Boomers are not running things anymore.

Which means sides are shifting.

Black Church Ladies were really inspiring to Boomer white liberals. To Millennials? Not so much.

The Holocaust? You mean the Holocaust against the Palestinians, right?

“Anti-semitism is an Islamophobic construct.” You like that one? How about “Antisemitism Is Antifascism!”

It sure will be interesting to see how this turns out.

Unless they start dropping missiles, the chances of them putting boots on the ground – if those are American boots worn by white American men – in any large number is precisely zero and if they tried they would probably be overthrown in a week.

The 9/11 Regime really does appear to be falling.

All we have to do is keep telling the truth, and eventually Tucker Carlson will be forced to say it, but he will follow the new “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” rule of our times: “Don’t Say Jew.”

So how many of the new Republican Congress will have already been through the “Israeli casting couch” – like the Israeli porn modeling site no less than ten top Republican stars went through including Candace Owen – or otherwise have dirt on them?

Madison Cawthorn might have not realized that all the “conspiracy theories” are all completely true and thought he could just mouth off and he got called to the carpet.

They wouldn’t let Rand Paul get in the Senate until he made an official trip to Israel and pledged his loyalty to the Whining Wall in occupied Jerusalem.

Did Rand Paul do that because he believes in some “Left Behind” thing?

Obviously not.

Tucker Carlson has to copy what we say. He will simply censor anything too directly about Jews, or Israel, or Zionism.

Which is fine, because as soon as people get online they can put two and two together and there you go.

Interesting times. We – and the Palestinians – may just get out of this alive if we can stop these fanatics from shooting off the nukes first.