I got scooped re: Tucker Carlson and Jon Stewart Liebowitz. I had the essay half written for months but never got around to finish it. How Jon Stewart Liebowitz used his Jewish Media Privilege to try to ruin Tucker Carlson’s career – he did the same thing to Rick Sanchez. Just like his fellow Jewish comedian, head of the Jewish Anti-Defamation League Sasha Baron Cohen – “Borat” – Jews demand they can be as racist and bigoted as they want, but anyone who pushes back gets immediately fired.

Ask any Black man, happens to them all the time too – even Whoopi Goldberg had to apologize to the Jews! Read what Marlon Brando said about Jews in Hollywood – not ancient history, in 1996, when I was in high school. Not on a “Nazi” blog, on Larry King Live. Did Larry King get canceled for platforming a “fascist?”

Jews are the top banana in US and they brook zero dissident – freedom of speech is not, and has never been, a Jewish value.

Leftists say that the billionaires run the country. Well, nearly half of the billionaires are Jewish. So, therefore …

Now the Israeli Breitbart.com website is trolling Jon Stewart Liebowitz, who has attempted a comeback by starting – what else? The lowest form of social media, a podcast.

I listened to fifteen minutes, it was god-awful boring, not funny, and even more emotional and libtarded than Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on xir menstruating person cycle.

Supposedly Jon Stewart Liebowitz’ new podcast topped out at 40,000 listeners.

Which means I’ve been a guest on podcasts more popular than Jon Stewart Liebowitz. That becomes important later, by the way.

So the Israeli Breitbarters are totally trolling Liebowitz and making a big deal about the thing I was totally going to do, how Tucker Carlson’s early career was derailed by Jon Stewart’s overt ethnic bigotry, but now Tucker Carlson is the King Of All Media and Jon Stewart Liebowitz would be lucky to fill a banquet hall at a second rate hotel in Vegas.

WASP: 1, Jew, 0. It is like the opposite of all those 80’s Hollywood movies where the hip and with it Jew shows up, farts at the dinner table, and steals the Blonde Shiksa from the stuffy WASP fratboy wearing a bowtie. This is basically the plot of all Jewish media in America, all riffing off of Portnoy’s Complaint and its overt Jewish bigotry, racism, and especially its gross misogyny.

Truly Jews have blessed American culture, what enlightenment they have brought us. We were just simple minded peasants before they came along and “repaired our torn world” – Tikkum Olamed us.

I watched the infamous Jon Stewart Liebowitz attack on Tucker Carlson live – Liebowitz literally growled, his face contorting into a sneer – it was like something out of a science fiction movie, like the skin covering gave way and you saw the lizard scales underneath.

Emotionally it got to me. But in fact I despised Tucker Carlson – I still do, but I did then too – and thought Jon Stewart made a good point, and I loved the Daily Show. I know this is hard for young people to believe, but Steven Colbert used to be funny – his parody of Bill O’Reilly was fucking hysterical. Like Jon Cleese said about one of his early comic partners getting to parody the Church of England, it wasn’t just laughter, it was liberatory.

We all were supposed to take literally emotionally unstable freaks like Bill O’Reilly as “serious commentators” talking about nuking this or that country, finding Osama Bin Laden agents under the bed, Donald Rumsfeld showing literal cartoon drawings of Osama Bin Laden’s Underground Compounds and how if anyone engaged in any “9/11 conspiracy theories” or talked about being against the war, we’d better “shut up.”

And the neo-con Zionist Jews in the Bush administration were, in fact, locking up people who had tried to stop 9/11 – like Susan Lindauer – while letting all of the Israelis caught after 9/11, like the infamous “Dancing Israelis” and hundreds of other Israeli spies arrested in the week or so afterward – letting them all high tail it to Israel before the FBI could even interview them.

It is called a “coup” – sorry if you still have a child’s view of politics. Put on your big girl panties and try to keep up.

So interesting that the two big “Democrat” comedians of the time, Jon Stewart Liebowitz and Bill Maher, where instrumental in attacking “9/11 truthers” on their media show. Bill Maher literally staged a whole bit where he ran into the audience and chased away a guy holding up a “9/11 Was An Inside Job” sign.

For his part, Jon Stewart Liebowitz was instrumental in covering up the payoffs made to various FDNY officials, under the guise of “helping first responders.”

Jon Stewart also staged many anti-9/11 truth bits on his show. He would do a bit of mockery but it wasn’t the jokes – it was him shamelessly hiding behind the dead bodies of 9/11 victims to say “how dare you spread anti-semitic conspiracy theories people are dead!”

Never mind that the “conspiracy theorists” were the families of the victims of the attacks.

Jon Stewart isn’t stupid. He didn’t just “happen” to get on national TV and become a major “dissident” for the Democrats – er, the Israelis – Jews, like him.

He is a political operative – a professional propagandist – obviously. That is why he had a TV show. He was a major Democratic party media figure and a major Jewish Zionist Israeli media asset – and he spent his time:

  1. Ignoring the Jews in the Bush administration and the Israeli agents.
  2. Attacking the non-Jews in the Bush administration, especially Christians.
  3. Attacking “anti-semitic conspiracy theories about 9/11.”

But Jon Stewart Liebowitz is a Jew. You knew he was working for the terrorists.

What we didn’t know is that Tucker Carlson was.

Well – I knew. You didn’t know. Now, you do.