The corporation Google is one of the most powerful entities on earth. As Noam Chomsky pointed out thirty years ago, corporations are by their very nature tyrannies. They are the opposite of democratic. They are dictatorships, the CEO has all the power and his employees do what he says or they are out.

Noam Chomsky, who is simply a partisan Democrat, and a Zionist, and a loyal and faithful servant to his faction of the elite – the Jewish Left, who account for more than 25% of the billionaire class – and all the rest of them are constantly scaremongering about the “religious right” – i.e., regular Americans who actually show up for Church most Sundays.

While Jewish Leftists like Chomsky, and the rest of the Democrats, love to pretend they are somehow opposed to “corporate power” – they used to repeat the Jon Stewart Liebowitz “joke” about how Republicans believe “corporations are people” …

… wait I have to pause to address this. This is how fucking dumb your average white, non-Jewish, libtarded “SJW” type is. It is astonishing. They are just as bad, even worse, than the contards of the Bush era with their idiotic “Osama Bin Laden’s Underground Compounds Softened Steel Beams” conspiracy theories …

a “corporation” is a legal concept, and there is a bit of legalese they use to say that a corporation is, for the purposes of some legislation, a “legal fiction” and treated as a “person.”

The legal status of corporations does have important political implications and there are legitimate and serious debates on what the laws and regulations should be. Granting shareholders Limited liability, for instance, is a political decision, not some sort of phenomenon of nature. It’s not “The Science.”

But the Democrats literally do not understand the difference between the legal concepts of “treated as a person” and “legal fiction,” Citizens United, a political case about campaign finance, and aspects of corporate law like fiduciary duty and limited liability.

Fair enough – it’s lawyer jargon – but since they never bothered to read a damn thing, they say, “hur dur Republicans think corporations are people!”

All of these SJW types whine about “corporations” and call themselves “socialist” meanwhile they agree with 100% of what the biggest corporations in the world believe. Google being a perfect example.

Google – a company run by the Jewish Left – is the very definition of “rootless cosmopolitan” and is notorious for celebrating Jewish culture – and every other culture on the entire earth – except for American Christian culture. They purposefully go out of their way to ignore Christian holidays like Easter while always celebrating Jewish and Muslim holidays. They are also the number one Queer institution in America – Google’s number one social mission has been to proselytize the Queer religion.

Hobby Lobby is a corporation run by the Christian Right.

Google is a corporation run by the Jewish Left.

Now Democrats spend all day, every day, on these social platforms smearing Christians, making up absurd and hateful conspiracy theories about the “Christian Right” – and Google, a corporation run by the Jewish Left – pays money to professional Jewish activists to hold presentations smearing Christians and the “Christian Right” right in Google headquarters.

Even if you aren’t a regular church attendee, if you live more than one hundred miles from NYC, LA, or San Francisco – you are suspect anyway.

Big corporations like Twitter use their algorithms to promote this far-left Jewish and Zionist hate speech against American Christians and even just regular conservative leaning Americans.

But when the Christian Right talks about the Jewish Left, the Silicon Valley corporations like Google and Facebook and Twitter claim that is “anti-semitism” and “hate speech.”

Of course – Leftist Jews don’t believe in Free Speech – Free Speech is an American value – so the Jewish far-left that controls the Social Media companies like Google and Facebook – who are all dedicated Democratic party artisans, their management employed by the Obama administration to overthrow governments in the Middle East that Israel didn’t like – all censor conservatives, Christians, and Republicans.

Why wouldn’t they? If the Republicans are to promote free speech on social media they are going to have to throw one of these CEOs in jail and of course the Democrats at the foreign intelligence front group ADL are going to call you “the New Hitler.” And BLM will call you “racist” too.

By comparison, the Christian Right has a very limited influence in the Republican party. Yes, the Christian Right does more or less force Republicans to pay lip service to literally not murdering unborn children in the womb, but Republicans won’t even stop the Democrats from forcing Christians – and just other regular people – from being forced to participate in public sexual transvestite kink role play.

If you want to dress up like a pretty girl and have me call you “Susie” you are going to have to fucking pay me good money. And no, I will not urinate on you no matter how much you pay me, you disgusting freak.

I know you can’t expect too much from the Republican party, but really? You’re going to allow these predators to sexually assault people in public? Mandatory Transvestite Kink Role Play?

Republicans are going to suck up to the Jewish Left because “muh anti-semitism?” Or is it that the Israelis have the videos of you on Joel Greenberg’s and Matt Gaetz’s “Lolita Yacht” like Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell had on Bill Clinton from the “Lolita Express?”

Do you even want to know what they have on Republicans like Lindsey Graham? Wow – he really loves Israel doesn’t he?

I do not support the Jew religion. Frankly, I find it a hateful and barbaric ideology. I don’t even see how the genital mutilation of children – babies – is even legal. God is not a real estate agent – Palestine belongs to the Palestinians, not Poles pretending they are the “True Hebrew Israelites” or whatever mythological nonsense they cooked up. Besides, that’s racist! Everybody knows that the Black Man is the True Jew!

The Democratic party has been completely taken over by the Jewish Left and their partners, some of the most fanatical, hateful, totalitarian monsters that America has ever birthed. These Leftists are not a bit different than the old Yankee Salem Witch Burners, except even more superstitious and fanatical.

Now these fanatical nutjobs are trying to get us into a nuclear war with Russia while their cousins keeping the Palestinians in open air concentration camps are about to start a war spanning from Kosovo to Karachi …

… and all the while they are going to be dressed as women and demanding you call them “ma’am” as the bombs drop.

Somebody get these Queer/Jew/Leftist/Zionist Democrat freaks out of power before they get us all fucking killed.

Remember – these are the SAME JEWS that got us into the Iraq War – and Afghanistan, if you want to go there…

This is America – we’re supposed to have freedom of religion. I don’t believe in your Jew religion and I don’t believe in your Queer religion either. Keep your Synagogue out of my State and if you love Israel so much won’t don’t you go there? And I don’t care what you do in private but I ain’t calling you “ma’am” – this is a Wendy’s, SIR.

If Republicans can’t stop these Jewish extremists what good are they?