In what critics are calling the “Don’t Say Jew” bill …

If I wanted to read Huffington Post I’d … well I’d probably wonder what was wrong with me.

The Washington Post is supposed to report on DC insider politics, occasionally some suburban news, and then print CIA propaganda during specific events.

Of course everyone understands that the nature of the business means you’ll be highlighting the aspirations of the Aspirational Class so of course you expect features on mini-mansions and exclusive schools and the like.

All of the non-NYT brands fell apart. LA Times could have been a serious newspaper, Chicago whatever could have had an impact as Second City.

Washington Post had the Federal Capital and the CIA, and the losers that mismanage it after Graham died have run it into the ground.

Even Wikipedia has to admit that the Washington Post is no longer a top tier newspaper, but instead a “left-leaning publication.”

In other words, “a Democrat blog.”

The Huffington Post, but not as important.

Now the Washington Post’s big scoop is some Zionist Jew in Brooklyn that runs LibsOfTikTok mocking all the non-Jewish Queer activists (I am using the term “Queer” in the academically and politically correct sense of the term, as in Queer Theory.)

Someone should do a count and I bet you that considering how Jews have been the forefront of Queer Theory – most of the most important Queer Theorists have been Jewish, and how Jews are the central and most important intellectual force behind the Queer+Plus movement – the orthodox Jew who ran the channel didn’t high-light the Jewish Queer Activists.

Just the non-Jewish ones.

And now the “Shiksa Karen” from the Washington Post is being called “anti-semitic” by the Jewish Right – like Ben Shapiro.

How come if I ever search for any political related content on any major platform, they are always putting Ben Shapiro at the very top of the ads?

I’ve never purposefully watched a Ben Shapiro video and I’m not about to start now. He is an extremist domestic Zionist Jew and I am against extremist domestic Jew Zionism.

So why are the major social media companies like Google, Facebook, and Twitter always shilling Ben Shapiro?

And why aren’t the Jewish intellectuals who invented Queer Theory – and Critical Race Theory – not getting the credit they deserve? They all have Wikipedia pages.

Why aren’t they better known? The founding text of Queer Theory is “Thinking Sex” by Gayle Rubin. Not only is Gayle Rubin Jewish, she claims that she was “oppressed” by “white Christians” and that drove her work.

You can read a summary on Wikipedia, or the whole thing online.

This stuff isn’t a secret. Queer theory is considered a serious academic discipline, just like Critical Race Theory. Both schools were invented by Jewish scholars. They are Jewish theories.

True, they are all barely pseudoscience – they are quasi-academic at best – but if we’re supposed to take it seriously, let’s all read it and discuss what these particular Queer Race Jewish scholars are really saying.

Are we allowed to disagree with them?

Or are we required to believe in the religious ideology of Jewish Queer Race Theory? Men can be “born in a woman’s body?”

Sorry, I believe in science, and that isn’t science.

Has the Washington Post apologized for exposing a Jewish political operation working the Republican side of the aisle?

Will Susan Buzbee have to apologize for being a Nazi?

Will one of Israel’s Saudi lackeys chop up a Washington Post reporter and throw the pieces down the drain like last time?

It is always a thrill ride with these people. Truly we have been blessed.