I’ve been quite conflicted about this for two years now.

I used to commute a lot – I took trains, shuttles, buses and carpools. When I found out in Japan and other Asian nations it is perfectly normal and even expected to wear a mask on shared transportation if you may have a cold, or it is just cold and flu seasons, or maybe if you have bad breath, or maybe just to keep other people’s moisture out of your mouth and nose.

This is what civilized people do.

Of course, as an American – and one of those kind of Americans – if you tell me I have to wear a mask, I won’t wear a mask. But if you ask politely I almost always will because you know I’m a pretty easy going guy and am always eager to cooperate with others.

For two years most of the developed world, over the course of a few weeks, was transformed into a totalitarian police state, all in the name of the “Covid Phenomenon.” This lasted until all around the Formerly Free World the people revolted when the government and corporations demand everyone submit to experimental mRNA injections in the largest unethical human medical experiment in history.

It almost collapsed the Canadian government. It allowed Trump to be removed from office. It ended even the pretense of Freedom of Speech, especially online.

The entire economy was locked down and hundreds of millions of people were thrown out of work and even more confined to their homes.

The pretense of anything close to a “free market” was stripped away as the Federal Reserve and the Treasury united to simply print trillions of dollars and pass them out to the billionaire class.

They locked the people in their homes and stole anything that wasn’t nailed down.

People were so terrified by the Mass Electronic Media Scare Stories – remember when you were all arguing about the sanitary conditions of wet markets in Wuhan? – they were wearing little tissue masks of their faces while driving alone in their cars.

Our Democrats – the Progressives, the Left, the Socialists, the Liberals – they were celebrating the fact that the Servant Class had to cover their faces while waiting on the Elite class like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Nancy Pelosi.

In the United Kingdom they incarcerated the peasants while the elite politicians attended private sex parties.

In California they shut down the churches while keeping the strip clubs and illegal drug markets open.

Like the Frank Zappa quote, once the illusion of freedom was no longer useful, they took down the curtain to reveal the brick wall behind it.

Two years ago the Zionist Jew establishment in America were shocked to see how many Americans absolutely hated them and cheered for their Palestinian victims.

Trump barely won enough traditionally Democratic voters in the Rust Belt to win in 2016. Now, the Democrats are looking at a generation as a minority – the Obama turned Trump voters in the Rust Belt could have easily switched back to voting for Democrats.

That certainly isn’t going to happen now.

After five years of trying to politely ignore the Big Pharma companies pushing surgery and hormones on troubled children and censoring Americans who refused to engage in cross-dressing sexual role play with males with an autogynophilia fetish, the Democrats have triggered a backlash that has stopped their Queer propaganda campaign in its track.

The Democratic party’s attempt to institute Literal Communism was stymied by Democrats Manchin and Sinema.

And more importantly, the Democratic party propaganda apparatus – the New York Times, ABC, CBS, NBC, and Jeff Bezos’ Washington Post blog, has been so discredited in the eyes of the vast majority of mainstream Americans it has permanently disrupted their business model.

Their big attempt to expand the audience to people under the age of a Boomer – CNN+ – has so few viewers it has been tagged as Malware on some devices.

The Establishment Left is dead and the attempt to astro-turf clowns like AOC – she is treated like a celebrity, like Taylor Swift – has appealed to literally no one except for professional Democratic party content creators in Brooklyn.

More “Latinx” support Trump than AOC.

The Democratic party cannot die because of the first past the post voting system, the two party system is a technical artifact of the way votes are counted. But the Democratic party is looking at a decade as barely more than a rump urban party.

The Democratic party has taken a dark turn into open totalitarianism and their hostility to the people of America is harder and harder for them to hide – they openly invite illegal foreign invaders to cross the border. The Democratic party simply cannot be allowed any political power until they deal with their illiberal totalitarianism.

Doing something about their Queer Grooming problem might be helpful too.

The real action is now in the Republican party, where the various factions are fighting for power in the coming GOP regime.

Here’s hoping the Americans win and the Occupation forces get sidelined along with their Democratic party counterparts!