The Paypal Mafia and their propaganda arm, the neo-conservative think tank Claremont Institute, have been promoting the so-called “Neo-Reaction” of Curtis Yarvin since 2007. Yarvin is from a State Department (thus) family and enrolled in various elite university programs since he was twelve years old.

Curtis Yarvin did not toil away in obscurity writing dissident literature hiding it for fear of political persecution like Mikhail Bulgakov. On the contrary, the neo-conservative Zionist publication The Atlantic introduced “Mencius Moldbug” to their sizable and politically important audience the very week that Curtis Yarvin registered his Google Blogger account, via one of their most prominent writers, the Zionist warmonger Andrew Sullivan.

Curtis Yarvin isn’t a “dissident” – he is “the Establishment.” He is the “elite,” albeit among the lower rungs of that class.

One of Yarvin’s first targets was the anti-war libertarian movement centered around Justin Raimondo’s His next was the anti-war progressive movement.

As far as I know, no one, except for this author, has even mentioned how Curtis Yarvin’s “Mencius Moldbug” career was a creation of the neo-conservative publication The Atlantic. Although Yarvin mentioned that he came from a “Foreign Service” family in his earliest writing, no one bothered to point out the implications of that.

Nor has anyone ever pointed out the “astro-turf” nature of the “NRx/Dark Enlightenment” so-called “online movement” of the last fifteen years. As far as this writer knows, not a single persona has even pointed to the quite professional organizing campaign to recruit existing content creators into this new “movement.”

When “Mencius Moldbug” disappeared, some say that Peter Thiel of the Paypal Mafia funneled a couple of million of so to Yarvin for Urbit. Then, Curtis Yarvin began writing again, but this time under his own name, and openly working for Peter Thiel and the Claremont Cabal.

In fact, Yarvin has quite openly discussed various arguments between his “West Coast” movement, Claremont, and the “East Coast” movement that started his career, the neo-conservatives at The Atlantic and their partners from the Israeli Herzl Institute, Yoram Hazony, and his “National Conservative movement.”

Yarvin’s West Coast neo-cons are clearly in the better position, as Hazony’s “movement” almost completely fell apart after one conference, which featured Tucker Carlson and John Bolton. As for The Atlantic whatever cache the brand had was spent since the Zionists took over the magazine in the 2000’s, and exists as little more than a niche Democratic party blog.

The celebrity members of the Paypal Mafia, Peter Thiel and Elon Musk, get all the media. But the other members of the Paypal Mafia likely set the agenda.

Since Yarvin’s return, the Claremont Cabal have funded and organized a truly vast array of content creators. If a content creator refers to themselves as “Dissident Right” they are either paid by the Claremont Cabal, or ape talking points written by Claremont.

Just as the Rhodes Scholars of the last century and the World Economic Forum of today identified promising young future leaders to groom into positions of power, the Paypal Mafia is now openly sponsoring a new generation of politicians.

One getting a massive publicity campaign right now is JD Vance.

Paypal Mafia candidates are groomed to be “independent” and somehow “not really of either party.” Claremont has funded content creators who position themselves as “socially conservative Marxists and Communists” as well as “conservatives for socialized medicine.”

Coming up with new varieties of political rhetoric that don’t fit the previous generation’s “sides” is a shopworn political tactic of course. Fundamentally, tens of thousands of blog posts by dissident writers about “monarchy” is just so much hot air.

The material reality is that all of these “Dissident Right” content creators are, in fact, materially supporting the Paypal Mafia slate of candidates by taking aim at their partisan opponents and mirroring their rhetoric.

It may seem “ironic” but it is actually the rule, not the exception. The most powerful Oligarchs in the United States, perhaps the world, Silicon Valley billionaires, have an entire slate of “political dissidents” on salary promoting their hand-picked political candidates.

So “dissident” publication, an attempt at a “Drudge Report” for Generation Z, apparently got the email 72 hours ago and have filled up their page with shameless JD Vance ass-kissing. They like to use the phrase, “Boom” for some reason, presumably someone told them the kids say it.

You really might ask yourself, knowing what you know about JD Vance – all you really need is his Wikipedia and an interview or two – not that if you vote for him or not, but what you think of a content creator, who poses as a “dissident,” sucking up to an establishment candidate, funded by billionaire oligarchs, and whose claim to fame is writing a nasty book about his poorer relations he had to visit occasionally?

Are there really any amazing ideas or perspectives that JD Vance brings to the table? Isn’t he more or less a gasbag like all the rest of them?

So why all the shilling?

Well – money, obviously.

If this reality troubles you, don’t ask about the relationship between the “White Nationalist movement” and the Federal Bureau of Investigations. Or Building 7. Or a lot of things, frankly.

Surely it is somewhat humorous though how quickly so-called “dissidents” on the Right fell hard for a spooky establishment astro-turf campaign literally calling for a dictatorship and an end to freedom of speech, really, a technocracy with no human freedom at all.

And made all the “dissidents” feel really edgy and “based” while doing so.

They call them the Intelligence Community because they are, in fact, the smartest guys in the room. Also, there is the quite interesting, and never remarked upon, fact that sociopaths tend to be more charismatic and even sexier than normal people.

In many ways, sociopaths are, in fact, the elite. The fact you adore them proves it.