So this is what we’re supposed to believe.

Elon Musk, celebrity billionaire, the Donald Trump for Generation X and younger, supports free speech/hate speech so he is buying Twitter in order to save/ruin it.

Right-wingers do tend to discount material factors in history and instead believe in Great Men. These Great Men are humans that perform in dramas that the commoners can follow. This is exactly how the creator of the British TV show Downton Abbey explained the relationship between the servants and the family in his show, the servants observed their employers as they might celebrities on a TV show.

When people think of Elon Musk they are supposed to think of cool technology like electric cars and rockets. But Elon Musk became a Great Man as part of the Paypal Mafia. Paypal isn’t cool like electric cars or rockets.

Paypal is just a very boring financial system to send money over the internet. It was not particularly sophisticated even for its time. It was the lawyers, not the technologists, that made Paypal what it is, and made Elon Musk a billionaire. Paypal is very much not Bitcoin.

So Elon Musk’s greatness, his money, came from lawyers, not technology. Even the electric cars are more of a political thing than a technology thing. Some complex regulation has it that Ford, GM, and other car companies can buy carbon credits from Elon Musk, because Teslas don’t count toward global warming.

So even the car company is a creation of lawyers, not technologists. If you are interested in electric cars, look at what every other car company is doing.

Obviously, rockets – Space – is some military thing. Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk are like the Coke and Pepsi of Outer Space. Underneath all the branding is brown sugar water, or in their case, the US Military-Defense Complex.

So the narrative goes that Elon Musk “really believes in free speech.” So the Republicans are supposed to cheer for him. But the Democrats are supposed to hate Elon Musk because he is for “hate speech.”

And this individual’s personal whims are supposed to be imposed on society because he is a Great Man and has a lot of money, and the purpose of money is to be able to exert power over other people.

If the reader will recall, last week the New York Times responded to Elon Musk joining the board of Twitter by demanding their employees cut down on their Twitter usage (and also never criticize their boss or the NYT.)

Without the New York Times, Twitter is Gab. All of these Social Media networks have zero technological value but economically it is just the network.

With Donald Trump on Twitter, Twitter was relevant to the whole world. With the New York Times on Twitter, Twitter is relevant to a small but influential group.

Google, Facebook, Twitter, they typically had first mover advantage but the secret ingredient was the Spook. Everyone is supposed to pretend that isn’t the case, even though In-Q-Tel is not a secret, it is actually the “official conspiracy theory” you are supposed to believe.

Yes, of course, CIA influences Silicon Valley through In-Q-Tel. They also have a big office building in Virginia.

The part you see isn’t the interesting part.

The Paypal Mafia funds the Claremont Cabal, and the Claremont Cabal are the people paying for your favorite “Dissident Right” content creators. Even the publisher of Counter Currents declared that funding from groups like Claremont Cabal don’t matter and it’s a conspiracy theory based on jealousy to even bring up such things.

Of course I think it is completely relevant, the most relevant part of the story. Money talks, bullshit walks, after all.

Elon Musk, Peter Thiel, and the rest of the Paypal Mafia – there are ten or so depending on how you count – and their political propaganda arm, the Claremont Institute.

It is an interesting set up. I’m not entirely sure the significance but it obviously is significant.