They always say that “Asians aren’t as creative as whites” but I’m white and as far as I can remember, I’ve never had an original thought in my head, ever. Certainly with blogging, I just steal from better writers and sometimes even just copy and paste. It’s not plagiarism, it’s sampling. I am the Hip Hop Generation, after all.

So all the race stuff, and about half of the sex stuff, is just stolen from Steve Sailer. Sailer is great because he’s been slogging away for I think like thirty years, and all the stuff he said twenty years ago just becomes more and more obviously true as the years go on. Everyone reads Steve Sailer, but they all pretend they don’t – they are afraid to link to him because he’s “naughty” on race and even sex.

All of the espionage, intelligence, spy stuff, I just stole from Andrea Nolen’s old blog, and when I want to sex it up with “conspiracy” type stuff, I just steal from the late, great Dave McGowan. I’ve read all the Bamford books and growing up in DC is like growing up in LA – you will have plenty of stories to tell about how you met such and such actress at some McDonald’s on Ventura Boulevard at 2 am on a school night and she was drunk and wasn’t wearing any panties or whatever.

In my case, it is DC, so instead of beautiful celebrities living the glamorous life, it’s ugly politicians and various spook types, which are mostly boring nerds, really.

If anything the most scandalous story I really have is basically getting full on date raped by the daughter of an NSA officer when I was like sixteen. That is how I became straight I guess, that and playing doctor. It is actually a fun story – for me, I think it might have been somewhat disappointing for her, honestly – but I’m not even sure it is in good taste, or even legal, to write Romeo and Juliet these days.

I mean in theory I could do it. Rich bitch seduces country boy one step out of the trailer park only to have the tables turned when he uses his lasso and hogtie skills to play a most dangerous game … next on Showtime!

When I first started blogging, one of the big gimmicks at the time was “How To Pick Up Chicks With Game” which was mostly based around the Roissy Heartiste blog. Roissy was hilarious, vicious, and ultimately bitter satire, but he wasn’t exactly wrong about things.

Surely the complicated and intricate dance between women and men is really one of the things that makes life worth living, so it obviously makes for good writing. I figured I could write about How To Pick Up Chicks With Game, and the idea is to try to write it as funny as possible while at the same time being as dry as possible, and see if anyone comments. “I run it up the flagpole and see who salutes, but no one ever does.”

Also just at that exact time the 50 Shades of Grey e-book had become a cultural, economic, and technological phenomenon. Since there is an entire online industry of writing stupid shit about other stupid shit, everyone had some sort of “opinion” about this throw away diddle book, a low-rent version of Wuthering Heights, but with spanking.

And having been introduced to such things as a teenager – not by the daughter of the NSA officer, but a different one that I’m not supposed to type anymore – I figured this would be the perfect gimmick for me. I can write spanking stories. But honestly now that I’m an old man and don’t party, I kind of don’t have the inspiration to write such things anymore. Sorry. If I ever have the opportunity to sit in front of a keyboard with an hour or two to spare, and two or maybe three whiskeys – perhaps even a bit of sweet leaf – I might be able to get into again.

But I don’t do any of that shit anymore because I’m old. For a while there my ladyfriend would read the stories and tell me if she thought they were sexy enough, but then she got into some complicated thing with the tomatoes in the garden, and you know how these things go. Half the time I fall asleep without even performing my husbandly duties. Soon enough I’ll have to go have a doctor stick his finger up my ass to find out if I have prostate cancer or whatever.

But it is like a video game, feed the beast, count the views, click the links, etc. I think it is almost certainly unhealthy, and you, the readers, are my enablers. That isn’t very nice.

So the Army intel guy who was married to the Russian wife who tricked me into starting the blog, he had a really interesting crowd around him. He attracted mom types likes flies to honey. He just had the “Gentle Alpha Patriarch” vibe.

Then he pulled a fast one on his readership. So his daughter is a senior in high school and she is taking some AP Calculus class. My assumption is the blogger guy hadn’t done any of that for years. So what does he do?

Simple. “Hey, white guys, we have to make sure the next generation of White Youth can compete with the Asians. The Asian Tiger moms teach their kids calculus in middle school! How will whites compete? 14 Words.”

“So, here is this calculus problem. If I were, say, tutoring a white youth to compete with the Chinese, how would we go about solving this problem?”

And the comment section would light up – people who rarely posted were all of a sudden going, “yeah, just do this.” Then another would say, “oh you want to do this, then that.” Another, “don’t forget this part, and it’s easy to learn if you do this.”

I’m sure the blogger felt like Tom Sawyer getting the neighborhood kids to whitewash the fence.

So since I just steal all my ideas, two weeks ago I thought I could do the same thing. I posed a series of “web dev” or “computer programming” scenarios hoping that I could get my audience to help me make a new website since this one will probably be banned soon.

And unlike the other blogger, I failed miserably. Other than one guy who helpfully suggested Tiddlywiki, nada. Nothing. I’m less Tom Sawyer and more Huck Finn I guess.

Ten years ago all these “movement” types were like, we need to get more women! But not like those kind of women, these other kind of women!

I thought of it as a challenge. So I basically created a “Web Zine” – aka “blog” or “website” – with some gimmicks that appealed to white women. It was meant to be sort of half-way between a Lad magazine and a Lass magazine, like Cosmo. But with literary pretensions like the old Atlantic with poetry and short stories and stuff.

The whiteness was mostly implied, but not denied certainly. The James Bond/spy gimmick gave you a chance to do a bit of “world building” which was mostly a setting for the erotica.

Then I invited a woman who wrote similar erotica, and we actually shared characters and the like. It was a great little writing partnership, lasted for a month or two and then I had to drop out for a while. For stuff like that if you don’t keep it going it dies pretty quickly.

Really, Regnery should pay me money to do that. If I could land Lana Lokteff to do a regular call in show by and for young white gals, I’d have this whole race war thing wrapped up in six quarters.

Honestly some of the ideological people really are just making a substitute religion. The new FTN host, Warren, actually started talking about how you can “red pill normies in regular conversation” and it sounded exactly like a typical Evangelical explaining how you can “witness in regular conversation.”

When one of these types decided to make one of their own “Folk Assemblies” based on pre-Christian Europaganism … it was indistinguishable from an independent Baptist church, but instead of Jesus it was, well, some pre-Christian Europagan stuff. But functionally they were exactly the same thing, the same actual human institution, in the same exact very American Protestant style. They even met in a church building, FFS. Just a slightly different ethos.

I never had to be “ideologically white” because as a southerner, we just are white. You don’t really have to think about it. And since we’ve always lived next door to black people, race is just so obvious it never occurs to anyone to go to these absurd lengths to deny it.

Like they do in the North, where they “don’t see race” and “everyone is the same.” Obviously – everyone’s daughter is beautiful and everyone’s son is above average. It is just polite to tell a white lie once to spare people’s feelings. But you don’t go around forcing people to tell you your daughter is beautiful and your son is above average over and over again.

Race isn’t an ideology, it is just a fact of biology. Just like sex, in fact. But everyone makes up these hilarious lies about race and sex mostly to just avoid an uncomfortable situation.

Of course, this stuff is an American thing. If Americans think they are going to actually be the Leader of the Free World, good luck turning Chinese people into Nice White Yankee Liberals. I really don’t think they are going to buy it.

Hell, you can’t even get Russians to play along and you think you’ll be the World’s Police? Get the fuck outta here!